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Professors who helped me believe in me

After graduating and successfully completing my Post Graduation from JKLU, I feel enlightened and honoured to be a part of this family. As I cherish the most wonderful moments out there and reflect how the professors have contributed to my success and have always been a backbone to me. When I reflect amongst all the departments and faculties, there was one department which not only helped in the career but helped me to keep up with my emotional health as well. That is Centre for Communication and Critical Thinking.


This amazing centre has helped to build up on to the personality of each and every individual out there. The Centre uses the constructs of liberal arts, scientific temper, written expression and interpersonal communication to inculcate and develop the ability for critical thought. It works with students alongside their programme through credit courses, workshops, one-on-one sessions and consultations to specific needs. Each and every professor’s role has been highly inspiring and has played a crucial role in my life.


Starting with Assistant Director, Dr.Richa Mishra, who is the professor for HROB. She has been teaching me and taking our sessions since 2019. She has this charismatic and motherly vibe which made me comfortable with her on the first day itself. I even remember it was the “Etiquettes” session. She has a dynamic personality, who knows inside out of me everytime. She knows how to even pull me out of the dirty mud and tell how the world is waiting out there for me to paint it violet. Even at the slightest problem, I used to approach her and always looked forward to her sessions.


To mention about another favourite person at JKLU. This lady is an epitome of positivity. I see her as a younger version of Richa ma’am. I am talking about Ms. Shraddha Bharatiya. She is a lecturer, at JKLU. She has such positive vibes that made me dive in the pool of optimism. I remember once, I was full of negative thoughts due to the happenings around me, she was the one to notice and throw off that rope. The best part about her is, she always stayed and believed in me without any judgements and biases. When I encountered how amazing she is, the respect for her always grew. It was like her saying was my command then. She told me to do the smallest of task and it was on me, and I always did it satisfactorily. I just wish I could spend some more time with her.


Now to mention about my Happy Hour mentor Ms. Anushree Dixit. She is our faculty at CCCT. She is an entrepreneur, a media and behavioural skills training professional. Although, she did not teach us any core subject, but she has inspired me tremendously personally. Her ever smiling and glorious face is enough to make you smile as well. Her life lessons are so touching and inspiring that I have inculcated each or at least tried to inculcate each in my life. The best lesson which I got from her was “It‟s not your success, it is about the people who contributed to see you there” and her lesson of „Gratitude‟ will always remain with me. She was like the light that ignited my Training career. She is an entrepreneur and has her own firm WAE. She provided me the platform to showcase my training skills and her best part was she herself attended to provide me with the feedback. She is amazing.


To mention about Dr. Vijaylakshmi, who is the Assistant professor at JKLU. She has excellent observation. She observes and provides with appropriate feedback, which ultimately helped me to appreciate myself and grow in life. She is a wonderful professor.


As I mention, it was very difficult to choose a single professor amongst such beautiful people. The whole department has been very helpful and a guiding light to me. For every query or issue we had this department to look upon and always grow. I can’t stop but paying my gratitude to them. I think the department is working very efficiently and is growing each day.





Tanya Agarwal: Student, Pinnacle MBA

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