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M.Tech in Data Science – Your Gateway to the World of Big Data

Data is everywhere around us, and it will only persist in escalating as we move toward a technologically driven world. According to LinkedIn, data science careers are witnessing a rise of 35% annual growth rate alone in the US. Consequently, the demand is only set to accelerate in the future, and a career in data science is turning into a highly lucrative one.


Data Science is rapidly becoming one of the most popular technologies in the world! More and more data is generated every year, making Data Science increasingly significant in order to obtain insights from that data. But how to go about learning Data Science? There are many professional courses in the domain, like M.Tech in Data Science. Let’s delve deeper into the M.Tech in Data Science course.


M.Tech in Data Science – Give Your Career the Perfect Boost


M.Tech in Data Science is a two-year postgraduate course focusing on finding insights from vast sets of raw and structured data. This area helps us find the answers to the questions we don’t know. One of the great parts of pursuing an M.Tech in Data Science course for students is that no matter what Engineering branch they pursue, they are eligible to pursue it. Moreover, the course enables students to learn theoretical and practical knowledge of Data Assessment.


What is the Curriculum for Data Science? or What Are the Subjects in M.Tech Data Science?


M.Tech in Data Science enables students to implement the knowledge of computing techniques and tools in the area of Big Data for solving real-world problems encountered in several industries. The data science curriculum allows students to develop skills to achieve a comprehensive knowledge of data science and engineering. The M.Tech in Data Science syllabus involves modules to be acquired as compulsory electives along with core subjects of computer science and engineering. A few of the M.Tech Data Science subjects include:


  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Cloud-based Big Data System
  • Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • Applied Advanced Machine Learning
  • CCCT/ Liberal Arts/Pedagogy


What Are the Career Options in Data Science?


Career options in Data Science are, nonetheless, incredibly diverse. Opting to pursue a data science career will open up numerous career opportunities and job titles for you.

Some of the rewarding Data Science career options are:


  • Data Scientists
    A Data Scientist explores several data patterns to measure their impact on an organisation. The role of a Data Scientist is to explain the significance of data in an easy method to be understood by other members.
  • Data Analyst
    The role of a Data Analyst may vary as per the requirement of an organisation. For instance, the marketing department may require its services to understand consumer behaviour and reactions to various marketing strategies.
  • Data Engineer
    Data Engineer is a professional who works with the core of the company and is considered the backbone of an organisation. They are the designer, builders, and managers of a large database.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
    A business intelligence analyst assists in analysing the collected data to maximise the organisation’s efficiency, hence generating more profits. The role of these professionals is more technical in nature than analytical, requiring more knowledge of popular machines.
  • Marketing Analyst
    The role of a marketing analyst is to assist organisations in their marketing division. These professionals analyse and suggest which products to produce in large quantities and which to stop.


Future-proof Your Career with M.Tech in Data Science at JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU)


JKLU Institute of Engineering and Technology offers a composite M.Tech in Data Science programme that combines classroom teaching with research and experimentation. It prepares experts in the area who can:


  • Identify, extract, and pull together available and relevant heterogeneous data. Use appropriate computational principles, platforms, and techniques to discover the latest relations, deliver insights into research problems or organisational processes, and support decision-making.
  • Conceive, implement, design, and manage data analytics, data management and information systems, services, and processes by using principles of computer science, machine learning, data management, computational statistics, software engineering, state-of-the-art platforms, components and tools.
  • Serve in the fields of data analytics, data science, or business analytics in business, industry, consultancy, government, healthcare, education, research, etc.


Key Highlights of the M.Tech in Data Science programme at JKLU include:


  • Interdisciplinary programmes
  • Highly accomplished faculty
  • Work opportunities while learning
  • Industrial internship and projects
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Early exit option with Certificate/Diploma
  • Flexibility to choose MOOC courses


Embrace a Promising Career with M.Tech in Data Science at JKLU 


An M.Tech in Data Science equips students with valuable knowledge and skills in data management, analysis, and predictive modelling. Therefore, pursuing this course from JKLU is an excellent choice for students interested in a dynamic and fast-growing industry where the demand for data professionals is enormous, and the potential for career growth is significant.

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