Bachelor Of Design (B.Des)

The 4 year degree programme to help you design the future.​
The first year is a common foundation that enables learners to acquire the requisite basics before selecting a discipline.
Snapshot of the Foundation Year

Hands-on skill courses like design drawing and Workshop skills like material manipulations and working on a variety of material forms an integral part of the course curriculum.
Learners get introduced to critical thinking, culture studies, and communication and learn the basics of Leadership along with inputs on Entrepreneurship to prepare them for a fulfilling career ahead.
They’re encourage to write blogs, keep journals, maintain a sketch book to develop deeper interest and insight in the subject.

Choose from future-ready and relevant disciplines after the foundation year.

Interdisciplinary Design

The 4 year programme in interdisciplinary design is a unique opportunity for students who want to understand the breadth of design. It allows the students to explore facets of different disciplines including visual design, product design, interaction design, spatial design, with a focus on problem solving and application. 

Interaction Design

The 4 year programme in Interaction Design is unique and relevant to the millennial generation. This programme caters to the new, hard-wired, device-friendly, young audiences who are as comfortable in the virtual world, as they are in the real world.

Product Design

The 4 year programme in product design is both people centric and technology led. It helps to create a new brand of individualistic product designers who enjoy creating with their hands and yet comfortable leveraging new age technology. 

Integrated Communication Design

The 4-year programme in Integrated Communication Design has a re-imagined curriculum that focuses on the traditional and new age – from motion to typography, writing to graphics, imaging data to analytics to understand impact.

Design is just a step away...