JK Lakshmipat University

Opportunities and Achievements Mark my Journey at JKLU.

I’ve accomplished half of my college journey in JK Lakshmipat University. This opportunity has taught me a number of things like time management, leadership, confidence, perseverance, navigating difficult discussions, and taking ownership of my own learnings.


My journey at JKLU has been full of success, challenges, and achievements. From not knowing anyone in college to meeting people who became my greatest support, it has been a roller-coaster ride. My involvement in university’s Student Council in my 1st and 2nd year allowed me to expand my network and meet my seniors and faculty members who greatly helped me improve.I was able to plan, direct, and manage a variety of successful events at our campus.


The relationships I’ve made here are invaluable. I’ve had ups and downs in my academics and extracurricular activities, But I never felt disappointed or demotivated because of the cheerful and pleasant environmentand kind-hearted people I met here. JKLU campus is relaxing,with a vibrant atmosphere that has always led me forward. My academic path here has been loaded with opportunities, knowledge, experience, intelligence, friends, joy, laughter, information, and accomplishments.


Sometimes in life, you simply require someone to tell you that you’re doing excellent work. You feel that the outcome must be directly proportional to your efforts, whether in the form of grades, words, position or progress. And here at my university, the result of all my efforts has always been worthwhile and I am grateful for all of the experiences I collected along the way.


I have confronted numerous hurdles and obstacles while crossing the bridge between my school life and adulthood, but in the end this journey has made me stronger to get to my destination with grit and determination. The confidence and knowledge I have gained at JKLU will undoubtedly benefit me in my career and personal life in the future.


Priyanka Manwani | B.Tech. (2nd year)

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