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JKLU- A Guiding Force and My Home Away From Home.

Coming to college is perhaps the most exciting experience in the life of a student. It’s one of those experiences that one will remember for a lifetime. All through the school life, college is what all students dream about. And my experience at JKLU was nothing short of everything I’d ever imagined, dreamt and wanted, and so much more alongside.


When I applied to JK Lakshmipat University, I did not know if this was where I’d settle down for the next three years of my life. All I remember is that after my interview, as I scrolled through the JKLU website, I felt an irresistible draw and a sense of belongingness. Pursuing a career in Cyber Security has been my dream for the last eight years, and seeing a college offer that as a specialisation with BCA just seemed too good to be true. But that is just what this college offered, along with some of the most crucial and upcoming subjects as electives as well as compulsory subjects. Of all the colleges I’d scoured, the syllabus here simply fascinated me from the get-go. And the best part? When I got the call that I had secured a spot in this college, I was offered a 100% scholarship. This was perhaps the most stupendous offer I’ve heard any college give. This scholarship is completely merit-based, and to finally see my academic results from school recognised and awarded just emboldened my belief that this college is just the one for me, my perfect fit.


And the experience after finally getting the classes offline, was a source of sheer pleasure, and I really don’t know how to describe it better. I joined two weeks late. And not once was I made to feel like I was out of place. The faculty was extremely supportive and till now, the teachers I have met here in this college are some of the kindest and most helpful mentors I’ve had in my entire student life. I was welcomed warmly, and the fellow students embraced me in their midst with open arms. The classroom teaching here is just in a league of its own. The professors are thorough and clear in their teaching, provide ample support material and help during and beyond class timings. With their incessant guidance and support, I do believe that the students can achieve absolutely anything they want.


I scored a Semester GPA of 9.8 in the first semester, and honestly it felt absolutely exhilarating. Managing my academics, alongside my prestigious position as the Graphic Design Coordinator in the Student Council, has been more fun than tasking. The lush green campus and the beautiful, diverse people just enrich my mind, rejuvenate and inspire me to become a better version of myself constantly.


I’ve got numerous opportunities here to hone my talents. As mentioned, design has been a great part of it. I’m in the Student Council for the same, and I also played a part in the Design Committee during JKLU’S biggest fest – Sabrang.  Anchoring is another activity that has been extremely helpful in bolstering my confidence. I’ve anchored during Sabrang as well as some other events, the most prominent one being during the celebration of the National Startup Day. The diverse celebrations and fun and exciting events being organised throughout the year have kept up the fire in me. I’ve participated in several of these. And another of my happiest moments was when I represented JKLU at the Cyber Security Awareness initiative at CDTI, Jaipur and won the first prize from among more than 250 students. Representing this college, which has honestly been more of  home to me, is a moment that will always instil in me an irrevocable feeling of pride.


I’m just a first year student but I already know that my journey through these three years will be the sweetest one. My first semester at JKLU holds some of the most precious memories, and some of the sweetest friends I’ve ever been blessed to meet in my life that I will cherish forever.


Trisha Roy | BCA 2022 Batch

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