Applied Robotics Club

About the club:

Applied Robotics Club (ARC) at JK Lakshmipat University is a community of robotics enthusiasts that provides students with the resources to develop robots. ARC is “of the student, for the student, and by the student”. Faculty coordinators are always here to support and guide the students. The club offers indispensable guidance, workshops, and tutorials along with equipment, components, and workspace.The club conducts various activities throughout the year, where students of different Universities get the opportunity to show their innovations and also learn the latest industry trends in the field of Robotics.Under club, a student learns “life lessons” that have value beyond the club activities. aspirant learns the skills and strategies that not only help them with events but also improve them as a whole.


To inspire young minds to be the driving force in the field of robotics, by engaging them in exciting, mentor-based programs that build engineering skills, and inspire innovation.

Club Objectives:

  • Design innovative machines that can assist humans.
  • Develop new ideas for providing solutions to real-world problems.
  • Develop and improve University Recreation facilities.
  • Provide platform for students to work in interdisciplinary.
  • Promote a positive youth culture and spirit of the healthy tournament that teaches life lessons and “Honours the Competition” to all participants.
  • Develop quality of leadership and teamwork in student

Faculty Coordinator:

Ms. Deepika Mishra

Assistant Professor 

Institute of Engineering and Technology

Student Coordinator:





Shubhankar Mishra


Aditya Raj

Common Rules and regulations:

  • All club members abide to attend all the club’s meetings.    
  • Any member can propose a new activity or participate/host an existing activity.    
  • The evaluation component in any activity, if present, must be free from any unfair means.   
  • Member Registration is mandatory for each academic year. 
  • The contest will be conducted over the Internet, even in on-campus mode.  
  • Teams whose registration formalities are completed are only eligible to participate in any contest.  
  • Duplicate Registrations are not allowed by either team or a single member in multiple teams. 
  • Each participating team must submit solutions during the contest period. 
  • Duplicate Submission and Code Sharing is strictly prohibited; any instance of it would lead to disqualification from the contest and chances to be barred from membership of the club. 
  •  Individuals/Teams may be awarded based on performance and sponsorships.  
  • Onsite/Online Judges’ decision will be considered final for any event. No correspondence in this regard will be entertained.