JK Lakshmipat University

Round 2 Applications are open for all courses. Apply by 14th August 2023
Round 2 Applications are open for all courses. Apply by 7th August 2023
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Student Council

Council of Academic Affairs


The Council of Academic Affairs aims to act as a bridge between students and the administration, and facilitate a healthy and smooth academic learning experience for students. To do so, the council will work closely with various administrative offices and academic departments and bring to focus student-centric issues.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Improve library services and infrastructure.
  • Ensure communication between OAA and student body.
  • Facilitate redressal of academic grievances.
  • Collect suggestions and feedback about academic experience.
  • Facilitate interactions with the faculty in an informal environment.
  • Attend periodical meetings with the Department of Student Affairs and share the MOM among the attendees.

General Secretary

Jaya Sodhani -B.Tech. III
Ph: 6350283707
Email: jayasodhani@jklu.edu.in


Rinkle Chaplot - BBA III
Ph: 8107785177
Email: rinkiechaplot@jklu.edu.in

Coordinator B.Tech.

Priyanka Manwani - B.Tech. II
Ph: 7976743025
Email: priyankamanwani@jklu.edu.in

Coordinator BBA

Riya Gupta - BBA III
Ph: 8560933848
Email: riyagupta@jklu.edu.in

Coordinator BCA

Mudit Mehta - BCA I
Ph: 8769528946
Email: muditmehta@jklu.edu.in

Coordinator B.Des.

Yuvraj Soni - B.Des. I
Ph: 9828067878
Email: yuvrajsoni@jklu.edu.in

Coordinator M.Des.

Alind Agarwal - M.Des I
Ph: 9783963428
Email: alindagarwal@jklu.edu.in

Coordinator PhD

Ganeshlal Meena - PhD
Ph: 9818408453
Email: ganeshlalmeena@jklu.edu.in