JK Lakshmipat University

JKLU Design Aptitute Test will be held on 15th April 2023. Last Date of application is 12th April 2023. To apply, Click here.
JKLU Design Aptitute Test will be held on 18th March 2023. Last Date of application is 13th March 2023. To apply, Click here.
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Novel and innovative pedagogical techniques and result-oriented teaching methodology make classroom learning an ongoing process of enrichment at JKLU. World-class facilities and resources enable you to learn, think, communicate, and introspect more. ‘Learning @ JKLU’, our redefined curriculum model offers you a holistic learning environment to become future-ready professionals and global leaders.

Reimagining Education

Multidisciplinary Approach

Develop perspective and awareness with discussions and seminars on economics, politics, history, social science, development and much more.

Experiential And Tech-Driven Learning

Learn by doing. Apply classroom concepts to real world challenges.

No Boundaries

Learn from the best facilitators, practitioners, and teaching assistants on campus.

Industry Interactions

Benefit from a close and sustained dialogue with the industry. Leverage the advantages of mentorship, counselling, and work opportunities.

Autonomy And Flexibility

Choose what you want to study. Take charge of your learning. Enjoy the freedom to follow your curiosity and pursue interests.

Out of classroom learning

Explore JKLU Centres of excellence for out of class learning experiences.