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International Admissions

The Office of International Student Affairs looks after International Admissions and Aid. The roles and responsibilities of the office include:
  • International recruitments and partnerships development.
  • Manage existing partnerships.
  • Counsel students to take advantage of the available international partnerships and opportunities.
  • Provide pre-departure and post-arrival logistic support to students, faculty, and staff in exchange programmes.
  • Organise joint workshops, short programmes, winter and summer schools and various other collaborative activities and programmes with our international partners.
  • Provide support to students for application and selection of international opportunities even beyond our partners.
  • Provide support services such as financial planning, work/ internship opportunities, student life, insurance etc.
  • Encourage and enable joint research collaborations between our faculty and faculty in our partner institutions abroad.
  • Provide advisory and linguistic support.
The office of international student affairs is also responsible for handling international partnerships of the university that include collaborating exchange study programmes, managing admissions, counselling students for admissions, and pre-application along with post- admission support.
In this direction, JKLU has signed MOUs with 12 top international schools across the globe including University of Massachusetts, Amherst; University of Birmingham, UK; St. Cloud State University, USA; Hogeschool van, Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Edinburgh Napier University, UK to name a few.
The office organises activities for the students that include interactive sessions, webinars, and informative sessions. It also supports foreign students during their visits to JKLU campus to ensure a rich and welcoming environment for them. The office promotes international study programmes inter and intra campus as well as through various outreach efforts. Despite being one of the youngest departments at JKLU, the international student affairs has grown at an exceptional pace while adding value to the university as a reputable global study base for Jaipur and the state of Rajasthan.

The department has been helping students to become global leaders with a universal outlook and the ability to embrace, imbibe, and assimilate diversity across geographies, societies, and cultures.

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Dr. Rajlakshmi Nayak - Coordinator
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