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Academic Forum Sessions on ‘Understanding of Marketing and its Process’ and ‘The Design Way’


An academic forum session on ‘Understanding of Marketing and its Process’ was conducted by Dr Punam Mishra on May 16, 2022.  She explained how Marketing is a vital and integral function that helps an organization in moving forward in its strategic direction. Consequently, having a sound understanding of the fundamental marketing concepts and marketing process is essential for a manager, irrespective of one’s domain. This session aimed at providing a basic understanding of fundamental Marketing concepts. The focus of the session was on (a) the marketing process and (b) how marketing creates value for both, the company as well as the customer. The session was co-ordinated by Dr Sonal Jain, chair, Academic forum.


An academic forum session titled ‘‘The Design Way’ was conducted by Prof. A. Balasubramaniam on May 24, 2022. During the session, he comprehensively explained the admission process, curriculum modules, and the students’ evaluation at the Institute of Design. He emphasized that the ‘Institute of Design’ embodies practice-based learning, with professional mentor-student relations, following their work rigorously, focusing on peer learning and critiquing, and studio-based learning. He also explained how the Design Institute developed a timetable in a sequential form, with the continuous assessment based on the quality of the students and evaluations by the evaluation jury. The Design Institute focuses on product design, interaction design, interdisciplinary design, and integrated-communication design. His focus is to make the Institute future-ready and transformative.

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