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Webinar on Future of Management Education & Inauguration of AIMA BIZLab at JKLU

Event Date: 30/07/2020

The virtual inaugural ceremony of the  AIMA BizLab at JKLU was held on Thursday July 30, 2020.


With great pride, JKLU announced the opening of the first virtual business lab in Rajasthan at JKLU in association with All India Management Association (AIMA). It was a privilege to invite all to the virtual inaugural ceremony of the AIMA BizLab at JKLU.

AIMA the national apex body of management profession in India launched AIMA BizLab, “first of its kind virtual lab for management students” for business simulation exercises. This exposes participants to real economic, environmental and business issues related to finance, operations, marketing and other business functions. Participants are empowered to develop strategy, execute tactics and analyse competitors as they go through the pains and gains of running a company in a hypothetical environment and see the impact of their decisions on business.

 Just like the laboratories for other education fields, by using the AIMA BizLab software, students may “experiment” with various management strategies and tactics on the given scenario. Specifically designed while keeping in mind the learning habits of the new generation of students, the BizLab provides unparalleled learning experience to them, the mantra being Experiential Learning – Future of Education.

 The event revolved around discussions held through the event on the “Future of Management Education” by experts involved in the inaugural ceremony.

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