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Council of Cultural Affairs

Student Council

Council of Cultural Affairs


The Council of Cultural Affairs aims to bring together the cultural aspect of student life on a common platform and make the most out of it by ensuring a diverse and continuous set of engaging activities on campus. The council members will work on bringing inclusivity in the various on-campus events by collaborating with the student body and clubs, along with building and maintaining an engagement with the world outside of JKLU through active collaborations with the colleges, universities, and artists.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Encourage community engagement and student participation in cultural activities.
  • Ensure communication with the Department of Student Affairs on cultural affairs.
  • Seek regular feedback from the student body about the cultural experience on
  • Improve frequency of events on campus keeping in sync with the university policies.
  • Facilitate better calendar planning in association with the student representatives of various clubs.
  • Promote collaboration and harmony between clubs and provide them with the
    necessary logistical support and assistance.
  • Make campus more lively on weekends.
  • Improve frequency and volume of participation in inter-collegiate events.
  • Attend periodical meetings with the Department of Student Affairs and share the MOM among the attendees.

General Secretary

Manasvi Chobdar - BBA III
Ph: 9982223355
Email: [email protected]


Vidit Sharma - BBA II
Ph: 9079059858
Email: [email protected]

Dance Club Coordinator

Aashwi Maheshwari - BBA II
Ph: 7014326733
Email: [email protected]

Drama Club Coordinator

Vanshika Singh - BBA I
Ph: 8787234551
Email: [email protected]

Music Club Coordinator

Kratika Advani - B.Des II
Ph: 8955882671
Email: [email protected]

Media Club Coordinator

Ritika Bhola - BBA II
Ph: 7014813525
Email: [email protected]

Photography Club Coordinator

Anmol Arora - BBA II
Ph: 9588260326
Email: [email protected]

Quiz Club Coordinator

Kavisha Gupta - BBA I
Ph: 7818090529
Email: [email protected]

Literary Club Coordinator

Rani Ingle - B.Tech I
Ph: 8767357263
Email: [email protected]