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Student Council

Council of Cultural Affairs


The Council of Cultural Affairs seeks to maximise the value of the cultural component of student life through a diverse and comprehensive schedule of enjoyable activities on campus. Besides providing a connection with the world outside the environs of JKLU through active collaborations with colleges, universities, and artists; the council members aim to bring diversity to the on-campus events through synchronous communication between the student population and clubs.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Promote student involvement in cultural events and community service.
  • Ensure a dialogue on cultural issues with the Department of Student Affairs.
  • Request regular feedback from the student body regarding the cultural experience of the events organised on/ off campus.
  • Increase the frequency of campus events while adhering to university standards.
  • Enable effective calendar planning in collaboration with the student ambassadors of various groups.
  • Encourage cooperation and collaboration among clubs and provide them the necessary assistance with logistics.
  • Increase weekend activity on campus.
  • Increase the frequency and intensity of intercollegiate participation.
  • Participate in routine meetings with the Department of Student Affairs and distribute the MOM to all participants.
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General Secretary

Anmol Arora- BBA III Year
Ph: 9588260326
Email: anmol@jklu.edu.in
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Amishree Sharma - B.Des I Year
Ph: 8503047585
Email: amishreesharma@jklu.edu.in

General Secretary

Manasvi Chobdar - BBA III
Ph: 9982223355
Email: manasvichobdar@jklu.edu.in


Vidit Sharma - BBA II
Ph: 9079059858
Email: viditsharma@jklu.edu.in

Dance Club Coordinator

Aashwi Maheshwari - BBA II
Ph: 7014326733
Email: aashwimaheshwari@jklu.edu.in

Drama Club Coordinator

Vanshika Singh - BBA I
Ph: 8787234551
Email: vanshikasingh@jklu.edu.in

Music Club Coordinator

Kratika Advani - B.Des II
Ph: 8955882671
Email: kratikaadvani@jklu.edu.in

Media Club Coordinator

Ritika Bhola - BBA II
Ph: 7014813525
Email: ritikabhola@jklu.edu.in

Photography Club Coordinator

Anmol Arora - BBA II
Ph: 9588260326
Email: anmol@jklu.edu.in

Quiz Club Coordinator

Kavisha Gupta - BBA I
Ph: 7818090529
Email: kavishagupta@jklu.edu.in

Literary Club Coordinator

Rani Ingle - B.Tech I
Ph: 8767357263
Email: raniingle@jklu.edu.in
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