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Round 2 Applications are open for all courses. Apply by 14th August 2023
Round 2 Applications are open for all courses. Apply by 7th August 2023
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B.Des. Scholarships

Institute of Design


For the Bachelor of Design program (B.Des), the scholarship will be determined based on three components, and the cumulative total will not exceed 75 percent.
Criteria 1 Criteria 2 Criteria 3
12th (25% Scholarship) JKDET (25% Scholarship) Portfolio (25% Scholarship)
90% or above 90 percentile or higher (Top 10%) 4+ score on a scale of 0-5
For the allocation of scholarships based on 12th-class marks, the scoring process is as follows:
  • Specified subjects include English and three subjects chosen by the applicant. However, a subject with internal marks of 50 percent or higher will not be considered.
  • If the applicant does not qualify for the scholarship through JKDET but achieved a score or rank surpassing a predetermined cutoff in the entrance test of NID/NIFT/IITs, a scholarship of 25 percent of the academic fee will be granted. The specific cutoffs are yet to be determined. Note that only one scholarship will be applicable, depending on the entrance exam performance, whether it is JKDET/NID/NIFT/IITs.
  Additional Scholarship: Moreover, there is a fee reduction initiative for certain student categories, capped at a maximum of 100 percent. A 25% reduction in academic fees is applied to the following individuals:
  • Wards of a staff member of JKLU or any entity associated with JKO.
  • Sibling of a student (both receive a fee reduction).
  • Sibling of an alumna/alumnus.
  • An alumnus pursuing a second degree.
  Exceptional Performance in Extracurricular and Co-curricular Activities:
  • If an applicant demonstrates outstanding performance in sports (such as representing the state in national-level sports), Olympiads (reaching the Training Camp level), or any other area, a special committee will assess the application and recommend additional scholarships.
  Women Scholarships:
  • All women students will receive a scholarship equivalent to 10 percent of the academic fee if they are ineligible for any above mentioned scholarships.
  • This award is granted annually, subject to the conditions outlined in the rules for continuation.
  Special Category Scholarships: Students falling into the following categories will be entitled to a scholarship equivalent to 10 percent of the academic fee in the first year if they do not qualify for any above mentioned scholarships. This is applicable only for the initial year of studies:
  • Wards of defense personnel.
  • SC/ST students.
  • Differently-abled students.
  • Students from North-eastern states (domicile based on the school's address in the 12th class, and for open school, the address of the exam center in the 12th class).
  • Students from all Union Territories (except Delhi), with domicile determined by the same rule as above.
  • Students from JKO schools.
Top of Form Early Bird Scholarships: In addition to the existing scholarships, including women's scholarships and special category scholarships (subject to a maximum of 100 percent), JKLU offers Early Bird Scholarships.
  • In Round 1, an extra 15 percent scholarship will be granted.
  • In Round 2, an additional 10 percent scholarship will be provided.
  • In Round 3, an extra 5 percent scholarship will be awarded.
All scholarships are expressed as a percentage of Academic Fees exclusively. No scholarship covers Technology Fee, Hostel, Transport, and Mess charges. Scholarship Continuation for 2024 Admissions: (for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Years of BDes) The scholarship will be sustained for the subsequent year based on performance in the program at JKLU.
CGPA of the previous year Performance-based Scholarship for the next year
9.5 or above 100%
>=9.0 or less than 95 75%
>=8.5 or less than 9.0 50%
>=8.0 or less than 8.5 25%
>=7.5 or less than 8.0 15%
  1. If there is no student eligible for 100% scholarship as per the criteria, then the student with highest CGPA will get 100% scholarship.
  1. If there are only 0 or 1 student with CGPA>= 9.0, then the student with second highest CGPA will get 75% scholarship.
A 25 percent scholarship for the dependents of JKO employees and siblings of students/alumni (including alumni pursuing a second degree) will persist as long as they maintain a CGPA of 6.0. This scholarship will be in addition to the merit scholarship mentioned earlier, subject to a maximum of 100 percent. The 10 percent women's scholarship will be ongoing for all eligible women who do not receive any other scholarship, provided they maintain a minimum CGPA of 6.0. Disciplinary Committee The disciplinary committee and the unfair means committee hold the authority to propose a reduction or discontinuation of a scholarship if a student is found culpable of breaching academic integrity (such as copying or assisting others in assignments, projects, exams, etc., or engaging in plagiarism or similar acts) or violating disciplinary norms (including theft, fighting, property defacement, substance abuse, etc.). In the initial instance, the scholarship will default to a lower level, and it will be entirely revoked after a second violation. However, these committees retain the discretion to recommend no impact on the scholarship (if deeming charges as minor violations) or suggest scholarship removal in the first instance itself (if charges are considered serious).
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