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Round 2 Applications are open for all courses. Apply by 14th August 2023
Round 2 Applications are open for all courses. Apply by 7th August 2023
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At JKLU, it's all about you.

Our courses are collaborative and innovation-led that allow you to explore and develop deep understanding of the discipline of your choice. Backed by dedicated faculty, result-oriented methodology and innovative teaching, we are committed to imparting knowledge and self-reliance through programmes offered across the three institutes of Engineering, Management and Design where a faculty of scholars and accomplished professionals helps students translate their curiosity into accomplishment.


Integrated learning in a holistic environment at JKLU helps students to make informed choices and build meaningful alliances. While the curious minds learn to explore and seek solutions at the Institute of Engineering and Technology, the Institute of Management allows individual ideas to evolve and create leaders of tomorrow. Creativity and immersive learning experiences at the Institute of Design offer socially responsible global design education to shape visionaries with an aptitude to bring about transformational societal changes.


At JKLU, innovation and technology come together to help create new models of a more sustainable future. A number of distinctively unique academic programmes and courses await students at the three institutes that enable them to look beyond the ordinary and chart their way to success.


The mentorship of a distinguished faculty fosters students to make an impact, both in and outside the classroom. Encompassing a wide spectrum of educational qualifications and academic experience, a team of distinguished scholars continues to explore new and interactive pathways of learning at JKLU.

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Critical thinking, curiosity and logical reasoning form the core of the learning process at JKLU. ‘Learning@JKLU’, university’s new learning model is specifically designed to impart critical skills to students through technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Centres and Resources

At JKLU, we integrate knowledge and research to create a self-sustained network of academic centres of excellence. These centres offer individual and collaborative opportunities to our students and teachers alike while ensuring their professional growth and success. Innovative practices and novel methods of teaching form the core of these learning centres.


At JKLU, a culture of integration and collaboration drives the process of learning and development across the three institutes of Engineering, Management, and Design. Well-appointed labs and centres constantly engage the students and faculty in innovative research to understand and find solutions to problems, develop new ideas and create policies for a better tomorrow.

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