Panna Dai Exhibition Model

To start with, we had a rough idea and a blurred vision about our exhibition. Slowly it started taking shape. Research was the first step. How does a fort looks like of that era i.e. 16th century? Next was the detailing which included furniture, wall textures, carpet etc. We arranged all this on a Moodboard. We began exploration and modeling.

The exhibition was made on the idea of the story of absolute selfless service by the nurse Panna Dai. Loyalty which Panna Dai showed towards Mewar by saving the young Udai Singh and sacrificing her own child. This deed of her helped the throne going to deserving king. This is an example of human Sacrifice, Responsibility and Loyalty beyond the normal limits.


Designed by Dimple Jain and Chinmaya Mohta

Discipline : Interdisciplinary Design