JK Lakshmipat University

 Round 2 Applications are open for all courses. Apply by 5 June 2023.
JKLU Design Entrance Test will be held on 29th April 2023 | For information on test centres, Click here.
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Life at JKLU

Travel/ Shuttle Service

Whether you need transportation for your daily commute between Jaipur city and JKLU campus as a student, faculty, or staff; or just wish to explore the pink city as a campus resident; the university’s free shuttle bus service is the way to go. Plying at designated timings through the day, the bus service connects the campus with the main city of Jaipur and provides a convenient mode of transport. 

The shuttle service picks up and drops the commuters on Point-to-Point Basis at designated areas in Jaipur. Buses with varying seating capacities based on the number of travellers from the various nodal points are employed for the purpose.

- Users are required to be present at the point of Pick-up at least ten minutes prior to
the scheduled time.
- We try to accommodate a pickup/ drop off point as close to the destination as
possible. A walking distance (approximately 800 metres. to 2 km) to the bus stop is
acceptable for all students / staff / users.
- Arrival time at the university: 8.45 am
- Departure time from the university: 5.15 pm