Anunaad (Music Club)


We believe in empowering the students of JK Lakshmipat University to express and continue their musical talent and eagerness to learn through quality instruction, mentoring and technology. We challenge all individuals to achieve above their highest expectations. We expect all individuals to respect each other, the faculty coordinators and our students to adhere to instruction, discipline, knowledge and wisdom Remember it is our music club so let’s make it a holy home where we and God can connect every day. 


Our mission is to preserve and promote the performance, practice and creation, with huge emphasis on all genres of music, to enrich and educate the club and community through exposure to enlightenment, meditation and self-recognition and to encourage the pursuance of excellence in music through proper guidance and mentoring.  

Club Objectives:

  • Music lovers should learn any instruments or singing during their course tenure. 
  • Music club provides the latest instruments and equipment’s to the students for practice their music. 
  • Students should create their own music and songs. 
  • Promoting students to work in a synchronization. 
  • Creating a bond and a trust between students. 
  • Help students in representing JKLU and themselves as an individual on a large scale platforms outside the university. 

Faculty Coordinator:

Paritosh Prasad

Executive – Atal Incubation Centre

Student Coordinator:





Anushmita Maitra


Arman Singhal

Common Rules and regulations:

  • There will be some specific students who will be allowed to take the keys from the main gate, and they will be responsible for all the asset of Club for that time being. (Prakhar, Prakhya, Raghav). The room will be open in the presence of these student representatives only for the time being, we will be adding other names too in the coming months for the same. 
  • There is a register kept in music room which has to be maintained, each time anyone get in the room they should enter their name and details as well as at the time of exiting. (club members and visitors everyone should write their name in the register) 
  • Your footwear should be kept outside the music room. (Requesting drummers to keep a pair of shoes in the music room which will be specifically used for drumming.) 
  • You are not allowed to use all the instruments. For example if you are a drummer you are advised to use drums only and if you are a guitar then you must use guitar only, if you do not play that specific instrument then you are not supposed to use it(leave it for its other users). 
  • Any damage to any of the equipment in the music club will be the sole responsibility of that key holder or the instrument player. (Financial fine has to be deposit for the damage) 
  • Only music club members are allowed in the music room, if there are any visitors it is the responsibility of club members to ensure that they are not even touching any equipment. 
  • No equipment of music club should go outside the music room without the written permission of faculty coordinator. (If it goes then the responsible person will be banned from music club) 
  • The preferred time for practicing is 3-5pm for day scholars and 7-9pm for hostel students. (during 3-5pm day scholars will be given preference if they want to practice) 
  • If there is any issue created during any practice session or any damage happen, you must inform the club president and faculty coordinator immediately. 
  • If an event is being coordinated, all the members should obey the instructions given by the core team Keep music room clean.