The Muse-Ink (Literary Club)

About the club:

The Musk Ink Literary Club offer students a perspective on political and
global affairs through regular debates and discussions at the inter-college and
national level while providing a fun way to develop their oratory skills along
which multiple other activities are also conducted such as regular group
discussions, literature quiz, etc to make it a fun learning environment for the
club members

Club Objectives:

  •  To develop different perspectives of appreciation for literature in the students..
  • To encourage the students’ skill for creative writing and expression.
  • To provide a platform for debating events.

Faculty Coordinator:

Dr. Azeemah Saleem

Lecturer, Centre for Communication and Critical Thinking 

Institute of Management

Student Coordinator:





Shruti Jain


Aakash Mittal

Common Rules and regulations:

  • The club believes that one’s behavior is the reflection of the character. All club members should be respectful to each other.
  • All club members are advised to attend all the club’s meetings
  • Any member can propose any new activity or participate/host an existing activity.
  • The evaluation component in any activity, if present, must be free from any unfair means.