Sociama (Media Club)


To lift the standards of students by unleashing their potential and enhancing their passion. 


  • To enhance connectivity between college activities and students. 
  • To build leadership quality among students. 
  • To develop creativity among students. 
  • To motivate students for teamwork.  

Club Objectives:

To become the most engaging club of the university by providing the opportunity to the students to express themselves through media and communication. 

Faculty Coordinator:

Afreen Gani Faridi

Associate Professor 

Institute of Management

Student Coordinator:





Lavish Pahuja


Anchal Agarwal

Common Rules and regulations:

  • One behaviour is the reflection of the character. All club members should be respectful to others.  
  • All club members are advised to attend all the club’s meetings.  
  • Any member can propose a new activity or participate/host an existing activity.  
  • The evaluation component in any activity, if present, must be free from any unfair means. 
  • Elections for all the posts will be held every six months.