House Of Arts (Art Club)

About Club

Step into the House of Arts, an enclave where creativity thrives and passions run deep. Drawing inspiration from Aristotle’s concept of “Catharsis – clearing out intense emotions,” our vision is to forge a haven that fosters a free expression of ideas and experiences.

JKLU Art Club understands the essential role of an artistic approach in navigating the intricacies of emotions and feelings. This is a place where individuals unite to unleash their inner artists and find synergy through collaborative projects. As they present the fruits of their creativity, they discover innovative solutions in the sanctuary of individual artistic practices.

Embark on this inclusive and fascination-driven odyssey with us, where art transcends traditional boundaries, and the only tangible reality is the limitless freedom to create. Join our community, where every stroke and every idea contributes to a collective masterpiece.

Our Mission

The Art club of JKLU envisions to create a thriving artist community in the university, where all creatives can come together to share their knowledge, learn new skills, and inspire one another. House of Arts is an excellent platform for students to showcase their talent, gain exposure, and build a network of like-minded individuals.

What We Offer

A Supportive Community 

A welcoming and inclusive environment that fosters friendships, camaraderie and a sense of belonging among members who share a common passion for creativity.

Collaborative Projects

Opportunities to collaborate with fellow members on exciting art projects, promoting teamwork and artistic growth.

Open Studio Sessions

Designated time and spaces for individual practice, along with an environment that is not only conducive for creativity but also appropriate for holistic development of the mind.

Peer Reviews

Constructive feedback sessions where members can share their work and receive valuable insights and encouragement from their peers.

Creative Workshops 

Regular workshops conducted by artists and professionals in various art forms, including painting, drawing, sculpture, creative writing, and more.


Chair Shreyasi Parate

Co-Chair Gauri Akar

Contact details

For inquiries, suggestions, and collaboration opportunities, reach out to us:

Shreyasi Parate (chair)

Gauri Akar (co chair)-

Faculty Coordinator:

Paritosh Prasad

Executive – Atal Incubation Centre

Student Coordinator

Shreyasi Parate (chair)

Gauri Akar

Club Rules and Regulations

  • The club members may suggest a new activity or take part in/host an existing activity.
  • All club members must agree to attend club meetings.
  • Evaluation must be conducted in an appropriate manner.

  • Even in on-campus mode, the contest will be done online.

  • Only the teams who meet the eligibility criteria will be registered and permitted to take part in any competition.

  • No team or individual participant in more than one team may register twice.
  • During the contest term, each participating team must submit solutions.

  • Sharing duplicate submissions and codes is prohibited, and any such incident will result in disqualification.