Competitive Programming Club (CPP)


To develop a coding contest enthusiasm among the students through the Competitive Programming Club. It is all about learning & preparing for programming competitions, where problems, that test various concepts and logical skills, must be solved efficiently within a stipulated duration.


  • To enhance connectivity between college activities and students.   
  • To build leadership quality among students.   
  • To develop logical problem-solving skills among students.   
  • To motivate students for teamwork. 

Club Objectives:

To expose JKLU students to programming competitions and equip them with programming skills.

Faculty Coordinator:

Dr. Santosh Kumar Verma

Assistant Professor 

Institute of Engineering and Technology

Student Coordinator:





Ayush Ranwa


Divya Sharma

Common Rules and regulations:

  • All club members abide to attend all the club’s meetings.    
  • Any member can propose a new activity or participate/host an existing activity.    
  • The evaluation component in any activity, if present, must be free from any unfair means.   
  • Member Registration is mandatory for each academic year. 
  • The contest will be conducted over the Internet, even in on-campus mode.  
  • Teams whose registration formalities are completed are only eligible to participate in any contest.  
  • Duplicate Registrations are not allowed by either team or a single member in multiple teams. 
  • Each participating team must submit solutions during the contest period. 
  • Duplicate Submission and Code Sharing is strictly prohibited; any instance of it would lead to disqualification from the contest and chances to be barred from membership of the club. 
  •  Individuals/Teams may be awarded based on performance and sponsorships.  
  • Onsite/Online Judges’ decision will be considered final for any event. No correspondence in this regard will be entertained.