Community Development Club (CDC)

About the club:

Community development seeks to empower students by providing them platform and needed support to work collaboratively towards positive change in their own communities. The club holds immense relevance in sensitizing student members towards their responsibilities as citizens. As a member of society every individual owns a great responsibility in building community for sustainable development. Therefore, there is a need to join hands and contribute a bit more for the change we wish to see in our society. 

The focus of CDC in to intrigue its student members to identify local issues which needs attention and facilitate them to take required action to work towards possible solutions. Students participating in CDC has great vale and takeaways. It sensitizes them towards the pressing issues and problem prevailing in the community. It gives them a opportunity to be helpful to ones who are needy and require their support as serving the mankind is the best service which an individual. It provides them opportunity to contribute towards UN’s Sustainable Development Goals   and above all help in inculcating valuable 21st Century skills desired by recruiters. Students’ involvement in community development reflects his/her responsiveness towards society beyond self.  

Club Objectives:

  • To identify issues of concern in our community 
  • To generate awareness and undertake conscious action towards the identified issues 
  • To inculcates the spirit of service among young minds thereby serving the deserving lives within the reach of the members. 
  • To contribute towards initiating positive change in society. 

Faculty Coordinator:

Dr. Upasana Singh

Assistant Professor

Institute of Management

Mr. Divanshu Jain

Assistant Professor

Institute of Engineering and Technology

Student Coordinator:





Akshata Padmanabhan


Rajika Patel

Common Rules and regulations:

  • The ideas to take up any community service needs to discussed and deliberated amongst the club members before execution. 
  • Members need to part of minimum 2 activities of the club. 
  • The activity budget and action plan needs approved by faculty convenors before the event. 
  • The report of the event should be submitted within 4 days after the event.