CORPOVA (Business and Finance Club)


To bridge the gap exists between theoretical knowledge and real business life experience in application through various activities.


  • Acknowledge the importance of the knowledge of economics and finance for the future leaders.
  • Bridge the gap between industry and student community.  
  • To provide many opportunities to students for understanding and thinking over a remarkable range of business issues and phenomena of decision making. 

Club Objectives:

  •  To nurture knowledge of business environment and develop business acumen among students on the campus by organising various activities such as competitions, seminars, fun activities and workshops.

Faculty Coordinator:

Dr. Sheetal Mundra

Associate Professor 

Institute of Management

Student Coordinator:





Ms. Risha Sharma


Aaditya Vyas

Common Rules and regulations:

  • All members have to attend all the meetings. 
  • Members have to participate in maximum activities of the club. 
  • Have to bring in maximum enthusiasm, cheerfulness and energetic vibes. 
  • Respect dignity of each member and Jury members.  
  • All proposed club activities must be reviewed and approved by the President or Vice President of Student Life before a club member may present it for approval to the faculty co-ordinator.