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About the programme

Conceptualised and created by eminent scholars and industry stalwarts, this interdisciplinary diploma is a unique blend of courses in mathematics, programming, economics, political science, academic writing, and critical thinking. Offered under the aegis of Lakshmipat Singhania Education Foundation, the programme helps students to develop core skills for careers in emerging fields of data, policy, economics, and much more.


This programme especially focuses on students from any 3-year undergraduate degree, gearing them for Masters from the USA by helping complete the 12+4 education requirement. PGDAR programme curriculum is designed with UMass Amherst University, one of the leading US universities to provide students a global exposure.  The programme operates under the aegis of the Lakshmipat Singhania Education Foundation. Click  here  to know more.


  • One year interdisciplinary programme prepares you for Masters in the field of Data Analytics, Public Policy, Economics, and other emerging fields.
  • Workshops with leading academicians and practitioners, research projects and mentoring to support your Master’s application.
  • Faculty from Global Institutes like IIT, IIM, IISc, Georgia Tech, INSEAD, UMass Amherst, Delhi School of Economics, Ashoka University etc.
  • Get opportunities to strengthen your profile via research projects, internships and other miscellaneous resources on campus.
M.S. in Data Analytics and Computational Social Science

An interdisciplinary programme training in framing, developing, and presenting data for evidence-based decision-making, ethical data management, evaluative data interpretation, and clear communication of results. It will prepare students for emerging careers in consulting, banking and financial services, healthcare, retail, and e-commerce sectors.

M.S. in Resource Economics

Training in Empirical Microeconomics and Applied Econometrics, with a concentration in fields like Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Empirical Industrial Organisation, and Experimental and Behavioural Economics. It prepares for careers in analysis and decision making for management, marketing, resource-based industries, and economic consulting.

Master of Public Policy

A programme that brings together various social science disciplines enabling students to shape policies and programmes around the globe. Students gain the knowledge, skills, and practical experience to become leaders in the non-profit, public, or private sector while creating meaningful social change.



  • Micro-Economics

  • Seminar on Macroeconomics

  • Probability and Statistics

  • Spreadsheet Applications

  • Univariate Calculus

  • Academic Writing

  • Research Design

  • Cognitive & Critical Thinking

  • Critical Thinking for Developing Perspectives


  • Multivariate Calculus

  • Linear Algebra

  • Computer Programming

  • Indian Government

  • Public Policy Seminar

Admission Details

Selection of a student at JKLU will be finalised after a series of evaluative steps.

  • Submission of application form
  • Personal Interview
  • Selection based on an overall evaluation of merit


  • Candidates must have an undergraduate (Bachelors) degree in any discipline from an accredited institution or university.
  • Candidate must have an above-average academic record combined with extra-curricular engagement.
FEE Particulars Annual fee for academic session 2023-24
Tuition and Academic Fee ₹8,00,000
(-) Scholarship by Lakshmipat Singhania Education Foundation ₹3,00,000
Net Tuition & Academic Fee ₹5,00,000

One time Caution Money (Refundable) ₹10,000

Fees for accommodation, food and other facilities – 2023-24 (in rupees)

Type of Accommodation AC room charges for 2023-24 Non-AC room charges for 2023-24
Hostel Fees 80000 65000
Utility Charge 25000 10000
Mess Advance
(to be adjusted as per actual)
55000 55000
Total 160000 130000
  • University reserves the right to increase academic fee by a maximum of 10% annually.
  • Transport fees is 40,000 per year (to be revised)
  • The above-mentioned fee as applicable to citizens of India and SAARC Countries.
  • Hostel charges are on annual basis.
  • Hostel charges for one academic year and the students are not allowed to leave the hostel during the semester.
  • Hostel fee, as above, is applicable to all boarding students.
  • Hostel rooms are on twin sharing basis. Hostel Charges are subject to yearly revision.
  • Hostel security deposit of ₹5,000 would be payable along with first year’s fees. It is refundable at the time of leaving the Hostel.

Refund policy: Refunds for the fee deposited for registration will be as per the following guidelines:

S.No. Dates Amount to be deducted
1. Till July 14, 2023 No deduction
2. 15th July 2023 – 21st July 2023 2,000 INR
3. 22nd July 2023 – 28th July 2023 5,000 INR
4. 29th July 2023 – 4th August 2023 20% of Academic Fee
5. 5th August 2023 – 11th August 2023 40% of Academic Fee
6. 12th August 2023 – 18th August 2023 60% of Academic Fee
7. 19th August 2023 – 25th August 2023 80% of Academic Fee
8. After 25th August 2023 No Refund