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Increase Your Earning Potential with the Most Prestigious Degree in Management – PhD in Management


PhD in Management is a doctoral program conducted by most business schools offering undergraduate and postgraduate management courses. Earning a doctoral degree always puts you at an advantage by bringing you research-level knowledge, a very deep understanding of the area of your study, improving your career opportunities (as PhD is always a much-valued degree), opening up newer fields in academia, improving your learning and advancement in career after the added esteemed qualification. 

Benefits of PhD in Management

With a number of students considering PhD in Management, it is imperative that the degree is in huge demand and reaps a lot of benefits to the learners. The major benefits of PhD in Management include the following:

  • A doctoral degree in management is an immediately marketable asset that gives learners a competitive edge in today’s workforce.
  • As a learner, one learns more than consuming knowledge; one learns to create it.
  • Teaches new strategies for leading people in an increasingly connected global society.
  • With dissertation projects, assignments and tonnes of research, your status changes to a scholar with increased knowledge and confidence.
  • Opens up better work opportunities and improves credibility in the field of management.


Where and how to do your PhD in Management in India?


In India, most big B schools offer excellent guidance in earning a PhD in Management. The duration of the program is normally 3-5 years though it can often be extended upon need.


The process of earning a PhD from a good college and under a good supervisor is as follows:


  • Eligibility for PhD in Management: You must possess a Master’s degree with the minimum recommended score, usually around 55%, from a reputed university.
  • Applying for a PhD in Management: Applications are submitted online upon paying an application fee. Selection is often based on an entrance examination and personal interview.
  • Submitting the proposal: The next step towards earning your PhD is to submit your research proposal. The proposal should outline the area of research and its objectives. The proposal has to be accepted before you can start your doctoral research.
  • Allocating the supervisor/guide: The university will allocate a supervisor or guide after considering your request on the same.
  • The coursework and thesis submission: You will have to complete coursework and the original research, after which you will be writing your thesis to get your PhD in Management. This thesis will then be evaluated by a panel of experts in the field. Approval by the panel is key to your successful completion of your PhD.
  • Viva voce: The last step is to clear a viva voce, an oral examination upon which you will be awarded the doctorate.


PhD in Management Subjects

PhD is a vast degree that offers a learner a lot of subject options to be studied during the program. This course is designed to develop the capacity to formulate a significant problem, master the appropriate conceptual and methodological skills, and relate the research topic to a broader framework of knowledge in the relevant business areas. Hence, there is a large number of subjects. Some major subject options offered to the learners are listed below:

  • Strategic Management
  • Quantitative Techniques
  • Financial Accounting for Managers
  • Human Resource Management
  • Social and Economic Environment
  • Managerial Leadership
  • Portfolio Management & Security Analysis
  • Ethics of Research Proposal Management
  • Research Methodology

Optional PhD in Management subjects are also offered. The learner can select through them based on their career goals and interests. Case studies and literature reviews are mandatory parts of a PhD in Management degree. These help in bridging the gap between theoretical aspects and industry standards.


Career Options After PhD in Management

An all-inclusive course, a PhD in Management is the doorway to exciting career options and improved pay packages. Career opportunities multiply with higher knowledge and a core focus on one particular domain. Major career options after PhD in Management include:

  • University Lecturer
  • Policy Analyst
  • Management Consultants
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Strategic Manager
  • Market Research Analyst


How much does it cost to do a PhD in Management?

PhDs in Management may come at a fee in some universities, whereas others charge only the application fee, which will be around Rs. 1000 on average. Many universities and colleges also give grants, stipends, scholarships and fellowships to meet the expenses during the program.
Choosing a guide is an important step in the process. You should consider the guide’s research interest matches with that of yours, the guide’s experience, expertise and availability. It is also advisable to take the opinion of former PhD students to get a better understanding about the experience – both with the program and the guide.


Earn the Highest Academic Degree in Management with a PhD in Management at JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU)

JKLU is an eminent university that offers multidisciplinary programs to its students, PhD in Management being one of the renowned programs. The university helps students to realize their academic goals and pursue the professions of their choice. Research in interdisciplinary areas in academics and exploration of innovative industrial practices during the program offers students an environment of scholarship and collaborative learning. Developing new perspectives of analysis and interpretation through critical examination and sound judgment opens new realms of innovation and research for them.
When it comes to doing a PhD in Management, doing it from JKLU is definitely a great option. The reasons include:

  • Faculty that are highly qualified and experienced in guiding PhD students.
  • It has a strong research culture that encourages you to take up fresh projects taking off from the platform built by the previous ones.
  • It has a state-of-the-art infrastructure with a well-stocked library and excellent resources needed for your research.
  • A curriculum for coursework that is comprehensive and all-encompassing. It helps you to get all the fundamentals right for your research work.
  • Strong partnerships and tie-ups bridge the gap between academia and industry, thus allowing you access to real-world situations to complete your research on.
  • Recognition and reputation: JKLU is a recognized university accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and has a good reputation for providing high-quality education and research opportunities.

Multiple Disciplines: JKLU offers PhD in Management under different disciplines like Communication, IT, Finance, HR, Marketing and Economics.

Admission process: Admissions are based on a qualifying test, but applicants who have passed the NET/SLET/GATE or any other equivalent national test are exempted from this entrance test.

Eligibility for PhD in Management:  Masters in management with a minimum score of 55%. There are exceptions and other indices as well, the details of which can be found at the following link: https://jklu.edu.in/institute/programme/phd-management/.

Fees: The academic fee for PhD at JKLU is around Rs. 55000 per year. The University also has a scholarship program and zero fees for eligible candidates.


PhD in Management is a great career choice that helps get into the depth of the management function of your choice and opens up work avenues in plenty. The learning intensifies with a robust research-oriented curriculum guided by industry experts and doctoral scholars. Critical examination and sound judgment go up, and you find yourself ready to start afresh on your career journey with updated knowledge to be applied to the workplace. JKLU offers an amazingly built program for its learners and helps them accelerate their career journey while developing skills to be used in personal journeys. To learn more about the PhD program offered by JKLU, you may visit the following link: https://jklu.edu.in/institute/programme/phd-management.

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