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Round 2 Applications are open for all courses. Apply by 14th August 2023
Round 2 Applications are open for all courses. Apply by 7th August 2023
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Student Council

Council of Technical Affairs


The Council of Technical Affairs is in-charge of the university's technological infrastructure, its dependability and security by offering technological solutions that enhance both the academic and institutional experiences of both students and the university.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Ensure technology-related communication with the Department of Student Affairs.
  • Track down and suggest technology fixes for students' persistent problems.
  • Raise the standard of the technological infrastructure of the campus.
  • Assist students in launching practical initiatives on campus.
  • Explore the possibilities of using technology to reduce the carbon footprint and improve the environmental performance of the campus.
  • Participate in routine meetings with the Department of Student Affairs and distribute the MOM to all participants.
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General Secretary

Divya Sharma - B. Tech III Year
Ph: 8890597856
Email: divyasharma21@jklu.edu.in
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Kushagra Pandey - B. Tech III Year
Ph: 9785724320
Email: kushagrapandey@jklu.edu.in

General Secretary

Garv Baheti - B.Tech. III
Ph: 9269562782
Email: garvbaheti@jklu.edu.in


Vansh Jaiswal - B.Tech. II
Ph: 8987541678
Email: vanshjaiswal@jklu.edu.in

Robotic Club Coordinator

Sunandini Bansal - B.Tech I
Ph: 7973464831
Email: sunandini@jklu.edu.in

Coding Club Coordinator

Ashutosh Tiwari - B.Tech II
Ph: 9795200424
Email: tashu0048@gmail.com

CPP Club Coordinator

Vaibhav Chauhan - B.Tech II
Ph: 8955627742
Email: vaibhavchauhan@jklu.edu.in

Design Club Coordinator

Simran Jeet Kaur - B.Des III
Ph: 8619441957
Email: simmrankaur@jklu.edu.in


Business/Finance Club Coordinator

Mansi Dubey - BBA I
Ph: 9664041276
Email: mansidubey@jklu.edu.in
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