JK Lakshmipat University

Round 2 Applications are open for all courses. Apply by 14th August 2023
Round 2 Applications are open for all courses. Apply by 7th August 2023
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About University

Who we are

Founded in 2011, we are an academic institution known for intellectual honesty and commitment to excellence. Openness and trust form the epicentre of our ideology that makes us the preferred choice for learning.
Our core and advanced study programmes in Engineering, Management, and Design remain student-centric to allow seamless progression to a skill-oriented future.


To be one of India's most innovative higher education institutions.

Learning is a continuous process and academic excellence a way of life. As today’s world is evolving at a fast pace, we at JKLU strongly feel the need to remain in sync with this process of constant change and transformation to make our students not only job-ready but also future ready by empowering them with new age life skills.


To realise its vision, the University will:
  • Practice teaching that inculcates critical thinking and problem solving,  
  • Pursue research that leads to innovation and enhancement of real-life applications,
  • Offer experience that leads to all round development, and  
  • Develop a culture that is strongly rooted in interdisciplinarity and learning by building, not just doing. 


  • Caring for people.
  • Integrity including intellectual honesty, openness, fairness, and trust.
  • Commitment to excellence.

Our Success

Our academic journey is based on intellectual stimulation and experiential learning. The acknowledgement and accolades earned along the way are testimonial to the achievements of our students, faculty, and staff.


As India ushered in the 21st century, the need to take a multidimensional approach in education was felt like never before. It was the emphasis on skill-based learning and entrepreneurial aptitude that became the inspiration behind setting up a world-class university in the heart of India where imagination, innovation and integration would form the core of learning process.

Established in 2011, JKLU is inspired by the futuristic vision of Lala Lakshmipat Singhania, the key founder of Lakshmipat Singhania Education Foundation. Under the aegis of J.K.Organisation, the Foundation has been extending their legacy and vision of ‘Education to all’ since decades.