The Bloom in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Sector of India

With the globalization making the world much closer and connected, it is time for the field of logistics to bloom bigger and better. Companies have started getting more and more dependent on effective logistics and supply chain processes for smooth functioning of their business operations. Today’s logistics industry is gaining more prominence in the economic sphere, thanks to the advancements in technology, infrastructure, and emerging service providers. Recently, Mahindra Logistics’ IPO, an integrated, end-to-end company, operating in the supply chain management (SCM) business and corporate people transport solutions (PTS) business is the first logistics firm to hit the market after GST rollout with an organic growth trajectory. From a long-term perspective, analysts suggest that the changing logistics industry and strong growth metrics show a huge potential for the industry in future. Looking at the rising scope in the sector, it is no surprise that the logistics and supply chain management courses are gaining immense prominence in the corporate world, taking over as a popular choice among students now a days.

What is Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

Logistics Management is all about efficient management of day-to-day activities in delivering the company’s produced goods and services. Whereas, Supply Chain Management (SCM) is about the coordination of production, transportation, inventory, and location among the active participants in a supply chain to achieve efficiency and responsiveness for serving the larger market.

The Scope of Logistics and SCM Sector

With the field of logistics and supply chain management gaining significance, there is an immense scope and a lot of career opportunities in this sector in near future. Some of the entry-level jobs in this field are generally on the profiles of supply chain director, logistics manager, inventory manager, integrated programs director, supply chain planning manager, and many other specified careers. Once you gain enough experience in the field, you can go on to take up more advanced, higher roles in logistics and supply chain management niche. Moreover, the increasingly globalized world is bringing in further opportunities for graduates in this field to work with big logistics companies and foreign distributors to serve their international customer base.

With the Indian logistics industry growing by leaps and bounds, the demand for management professionals in this sector has also lately undergone a steep rise. Management studies with a specialization in Logistics and SCM would help train and develop future managers who can efficiently manage this fast-growing sector. A highly integrated programme in Logistics & Supply Chain Management would help graduates acquire deeper knowledge and understanding of the multiple facets of the logistics and supply chain business.

We, at the J.K. Lakshmipat University, have created specialized undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in logistics and supply chain management to help fulfill the gap between the industry’s manpower needs and the availability of formally educated, knowledgeable, and skilled staff.

MBA Program at JKLU

Ever since, the J.K. Group, one of the successful business houses, has made its presence strongly felt in the industrial domain, it has been consistently creating a testimonial of reliability and efficiency. The J.K. Lakshmipat University was established in the same direction to develop a talent pool of competent workforce, who are trained and taught efficiently for the dynamic Indian industry.

MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management program at JKLU has been specifically sculpted to make the students understand as well as meet the organizational and industry needs. The program is structured in such a way that it equips the students with the concepts and practices that besides in the supply chain management, also help them build effective coordination with suppliers and customers.

The educational program enables students to acquire knowledge about various aspects of logistics and supply chain business, such as supply-chain management, materials management, transportation, purchasing, customs regulations, foreign exchange, and international trade. The program indeed prepares students to be capable enough to get involved in operational activities within the supply chain management such as procurement, production, and logistics planning, sales and distribution planning, vendor selection and management, and product/process redesign for SCM. By the end of the program, students will positively acquire the skills and knowledge to be called successful supply chain practitioners, who can comprehend and leverage the business environment efficiently.

The J.K.Lakshmipat University is continuously striving to develop proficient supply chain and logistics professionals, who are blend with rich operational experience and industry know-how with a clear knowledge of the best practices that allow them to be hands-on and industry focused.

In a nutshell, if you wish to have a strong career in the flourishing domain of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, the MBA programs in Logistics and Supply Chain Management offered at JKLU are the ones you can rely upon for attaining quality education in the logistics and supply chain business with the right mix of theoretical and practical knowledge and training.