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Critical Success Factors of B-School

To be on the top, is the core desire of all endeavors be it business, politics, education or administration, but only few could reach and remain at the top. Education is the enabler and rider of acquiring the art and skills of success. Institutes of Management education are either the farmhouses or powerhouse of shaping and sharpening business-talents, who inculcate and facilitate the acts and the process of acquiring and imparting the knowledge of doing business. Institutes of Management those who have transformed their admitted students into business executives and leaders have attained the ladder of success and raised walls and gates their entry.

Realizing that Government alone cannot educate millions of young Indians, Government of India invited private players to join hands. Many entrepreneurs, industrialist and philanthropist became enthusiastic, who had little or no experience in education but were eager to learn. With the passage of time, these private players have built high quality infrastructures and have provided opportunities for millions of Indians for higher learnings. They adopted the policy of lower entry requirements and lower tuition fees but paid greater attention in promotion, in contrast to premier institutions’ strategy of high fees and high entry requirements and less promotion policy. The strategy of lower “fees’ and higher promotion might have worked for few B-Schools, but many new entrants failed to attract sufficient numbers of talented business education aspirants.

The four puzzling questions are:

  • What the top Management Institutes do to attract the talented students and teachers?
  • How the top Institutes of Management do things differently than the rests?
  • What a new entrant should do to ride the leader of success?
  • What are the missing keys?

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