Specialization in Big Data and Analytics is demand of Current Industrial Perspective

The seamless interconnectivity among users, machines, adding intelligence to IC’s, data evolved from GPS, emerging smart sensors and distributed applications deployed on mobile devices and sensors are necessity of today’s world. All the mentioned keywords make it rather complex to harvest all the data using traditional approaches, giving birth to the vision of big data.

The recent megatrend in IT is focusing on effective customer engagement, peak competitive edge, better decisions, analyzing & predicting customer behavior, and product & service development. Increasingly, organizations are facing challenges related to vast and fast flowing volume of data. Huge amount of raw, semi-structured and unstructured data is generating at uncontrollable pace. The tremendous growth of unstructured data is the important driving force for evolution of “big data”. Under Big Data flagship, all the huge amount of unstructured or raw data transformed to valuable deeper insights, enable data driven decisions and actions. Keeping advances and future trends in Big Data, one of the best university in Jaipur, JK Lakshmipat University in Jaipur, has collaborated with IBM’s Software Group to roll out degree programs in these upcoming areas. These programs will be developed and certified to make sure the students have the best from the both the worlds of Academia and Industry. These newly introduced programs at JKLU which is among the top universities in Jaipur, Rajasthan are intended to produce industry deployable graduates benchmarked with international standards.

Big Data is a collection of large data sets emerging from various sources (social networking data, search engine data, location data, online available public information, data of sensors embedded in buildings & cars, power grid data, stock exchange data, e-commerce data, news & journals data, satellite data etc.) and perform huge analytics, deep analytics and predictive analytics in order to gain insights, derive business values and improve return on investments. Untapped value of big data and business proposition is bringing a gigantic hype for it.

Big Data provides opportunity to the various organizations to extract valuable insights from existing data, transient data and external data sources or applications. Improved business insights help in decision making. Big Data technology treats data as an asset which can be used for analyze, correlate and predict. Challenge today is the way to keep up with enormous data, finding insights from multiple data sets & multiple types of data. The JK Lakshmipat University graduates will be equipped with understanding as well operational nity-grity.

In its commitment of academic excellence and provide work class academic environment, JK Lakshmipat University, popularly known as JKLU is bringing world class education at the door step of Rajasthan and Jaipur. This makes JKLU best engineering university in the academic landscape of Rajasthan. I welcome prospective students and parents to experience innovative technology, modern thinking and unique campus of JKLU.

About the Author:

Dr. Kavita ChoudharyDr. Kavita Choudhary is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science Engineering. She did her Masters from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi and Doctorate from Banasthali University, Rajasthan. She has over 10 years of academic experience. She has published more than 30 research papers in national/international conferences and journals. She is a member of Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), International Association of Engineers (IAENG), Internet Society (ISOC), Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communication (SDIWC), Universal Association of Computer & Electronics Engineers (UACEE), and CSI. She is Member & Reviewer of IJBTT, IJCST, IJECT, IJCTT, IJSCE, IJMTT and IJETT. She attended the IEEE Norbert Weiner Conference, 2014, held at Boston, USA, and presented her research paper and also participated as a panelist in the panel discussion. She received International Travel Grant from DST. She is Oracle Certified Professional JAVA SE 6 Programmer. Her research experience includes Software Engineering, Software Testing, Optimization Techniques, and Data Mining etc.