Selection Criteria of Engineering College

After passing 10+2 exams, most confusing task for a student and their parents is to choose college and then branch, especially when they have to choose an engineering college. Everyone wants to take admission in the best engineering college but it is not easy to define best college. Normally people judge the college by its ranking in the media or in the newspapers, placement statics, etc. These ranking are based on the data provided by the institution itself and can vary with the reality. Also the ranking is of institution, not the program. Most of the people don’t understand the placement statics shown by the colleges. The only focus is on the highest package offered (even it was offered to single student).

Another confusion is to choose the program and branch. Students wants to take admission in some other branch or program and parents wants some other. The reason of this confusion is the placement statics of the influence of known or relatives.

As per my opinion, the important factor for choosing top universities in Jaipur such as JKLU, is the quality of the faculty and the laboratories required for the desired program. it ensures that you pick up adequate knowledge and skills from the program. How do we know which college has a better faculty than the other. Well, visit their website, and look for the following information:

  • Number of full-time faculty members.
  • Faculty to student ratio.
  • Their qualifications.
  • If the highest qualification for any faculty member is BTech or MCA, then be alarmed. Best universities like JKLU will only recruit PhDs. Good places may have some MTechs. But if colleges are hiring BTechs and MCAs for teaching courses, it means that they are not able to attract enough good faculty, and that should be a cause for concern.

The infrastructure should have all the necessary labs, good Internet bandwidth, WiFi access so that you can use your own laptops and other devices anywhere, a good library with lots of reading spaces, lecture rooms with a projector, adequate sports facilities, etc. (Caution: Some of the engineering colleges would have all of this and more, but would not have faculty. Look at infrastructure only after you are convinced about the faculty and curriculum, etc.)

Another important criteria is the autonomy of the institute. Can they decide their own curriculum? Typically, universities (including deemed-to-be-universities) can decide their own curriculum, and in general I would strongly recommend universities over affiliated colleges. Teaching someone else’s curriculum is demotivating for teachers. If they do not have much stake in the curriculum, it would also invariably mean that exams are also conducted by someone else (by the universities, except for some “autonomous” colleges), and that means students don’t care for the classes and teachers. This cannot be conducive for lifelong learning, not even for immediate learning. But, of course, a vast majority of engineering education happens in such affiliated colleges, and most of it is poor quality. Of course, this is generalization, and certainly there are some affiliated colleges which are doing a decent job.

When we talk about the desired program, the desired program is the one which fascinates the students and interesting to him/her. Normally most of the 12th class students don’t know much about the discipline/branches. In that case you should select from one of the best universities in Jaipur such as JKLU over a particular discipline.

About The Author

Mr. Vishal Singhal is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil. He did his M. Tech. (Gold Medalist) in Structural Engineering from Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur (MNIT, Jaipur) in 2013 and Received Gold Medal from Hon’ble President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee for getting 1st position in M. Tech. His areas of interests are Structural Engineering, Concrete Technology