Management Education – Your friend for Life

MBA in today’s world need no introduction. MBA education has drastically impacted businesses and industry at large. Today any individual aspiring to hold key strategic position in any industry entails an MBA degree. Even senior executives at top positions want to invest their time and money in an MBA degree making it one of the most sought after degrees in the recent times. Hence choosing to do an MBA is really very rewarding as observed in the past few decades.

Tim Cook (Apple), Dr. Raghuram Rajan (RBI), K.V Kamath (Asian Development Bank), Anshuman Jain (Citi Bank) etc. are some of the well-known figures at top strategic positions who have an MBA.

So an MBA degree today has become a synonym for high growth in the Corporates.

As an aspiring student, enthusiastic about building a great career in the industry I look forward towards joining an MBA programme in near future.

Before joining an MBA programme it is very essential to look into some essential factors that make an MBA programme rich & worthy. Good Career opportunities, (placements) in the past & present are basically the prime criteria for any MBA aspirant choosing his top B-School.

Qualified faculty with rich industry experience is an essential parameter that an individual should critically evaluate upon before joining a B-school. The faculty is the backbone of an institution and they will be the one who would passionately guide you through the intricacies of an MBA programme.

An MBA Program from top private university provides you a platform where you can build upon your much needed interpersonal skills and personality which will eventually pay you in the long run throughout your entire career.

Apart from these factors one should look into the availability of cross-cultural opportunities and student exchanges as they add a feather of dynamism and agility in one’s intellectual wisdom & personality. It actually broadens your own thought process & makes you more mature as an individual.

One should also closely look into and know about campus culture of the institution. A vibrant & dynamic culture of the institution along with good Institutional infrastructure can transmit a sense of positive enthusiasm and happiness among the students, leading to enhanced creativity and well-being among the individuals. Today, Creativity and innovation are regarded as the critical traits for businesses who aim of sustaining in this dynamic era of Change, risk and uncertainties, where the future is grey and un-known.

Legacy comes with experience & if your institution has a legacy you are at the right place. The top university for management program having a good alumni base will eventually help you in your corporate journey as your alums will already be the baton holders in the industry and will guide you effectively in the world of the un-known.

Being at JK Lakshmipat University, one of the best universities in Jaipur I feel that The MBA Programme here complies with most of the factors of a balanced & holistic MBA curriculum and the quality of the exposure that the university provides in the form of Seminars, Management Conclaves, Guest lectures, Workshops & Industry-Academia interfaces is truly unique in itself and one of the best in the Country.


  • Dr Anupam Saxena(Asso. Professor, IM, JKLU)
  • Divya Jyoti (BBA Student,IM,JKLU)