Making valuable professionals with values deeply rooted

In today’s world where information is available in abundance and key to access this information lies at your fingertips, the need for a better and advanced institution becomes more and more important. An institution, where you learn how to use the information as knowledge and apply it for the good of society, as such is JK Lakshmipat University, located in the silent exterior of Jaipur providing not only the ambience but also the apparatus to cultivate yourself as a good professional. The focus is not merely on making you a good professional but entirely on making you a valuable professionals with values deeply rooted.

The university has two schools: IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology) and IM (Institute of Management). But what looks most promising are the high standard laboratories with state of the art equipment setup. One of the most eye-catching feature here is its Library consisting of more than 15,000 books from various disciplines including history, philosophy, culture etc. alongside engineering and management epics.

The excellent wi-fi facility along with other sports facilities makes the campus interesting. And most importantly the highly qualified faculty from premier institutions like IIT, NIT and IIM is present for imparting knowledge as well as mentorship of the students. Equipped with modern facilities, I see this university as one of the best university in Rajasthan.

The student exchange programs in collaboration with foreign universities is a salient feature of the taught programs and a brilliant step towards providing a platform for the students to get the international exposure on the technological as well as management front. The university also has signed several MoUs with the foreign universities for the technology transfer and development which gives student the chance to get into the core of the technical problems and its solutions.

Glimpses of the university not just end here it also reaches to the cultural and sports domain. The University provides a well-balanced platform for the students to develop not only their knowledge domain but also the social quotient. Cultural and sports facilities are provided on campus for the students to pursue their hobbies and relax. For those having the talent to perform at a greater level national level events are organized and promoted in appreciation to their extraordinary talent.

The alumni of the universities have represented themselves at state, national and international level in all domains be it sports, cultural or technological front. I believe that this can be the GURUKUL for a youngster to look upon when it comes to modern education.

About the Author:

Sachin GangwarEr. Sachin Gangwar has received his master’s degree in Thermal Engineering from NIT Silchar (Assam) and bachelor’s degree in Mechanical & Automation Engineering from G G S Indraprastha Univ. (New Delhi). His research interests include renewable energy, hybrid energy systems, solar thermal systems, thermoelectric refrigeration etc