Interweaving of Entrepreneurial Skill Development and Management Education

Entrepreneurship has been embedded in the Indian genius and is a part of Indian tradition since the time of Rigveda. In Indian context, entrepreneurship is more important as it is simply impossible for any government to provide means of livelihood to everyone. India has become a fertile ground for entrepreneurship by opportunities created by “Global Knowledge Economy” coupled with the “unshackling of Indigenous enterprise”. The present Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem is at the triggering point with lot of emphasis being given for bringing out entrepreneurial successes as small business is going to be a major driver and contributor to Indian economy.

The growing complexities of business decision making process have inevitably increased the necessity of formal business knowledge and entrepreneurial skills. Thus business courses especially management education has become a powerful means of empowerment and development of entrepreneurial skills and business knowledge. Management education is the best recipe with all required ingredients to provide relishes’ of doing business. Management education is indispensable for entrepreneurship skill development as the multi dimensional nature of the required entrepreneurial skills originates in management education and involves a combination of critical (objective, analytical and logical) as well as creative and empathetic ( lateral, imaginative and emotional) thinking. This skill development helps in creating an environment which encourages innovation. These innovations catalyses and flourish entrepreneurship by providing marketing opportunities which can be converted into wealth.

Institute of Management, JKLU, backed and sponsored by the JK Organisation, an Indian industrial conglomerate, is one of the top institutes for management in India. The integrated and dual degree programmes of Institute of Management, JKLU, inculcate not only the managerial skills but also sharpen the entrepreneurial skills to know about doing business by incorporating ‘Entrepreneurship Development’ as one of the core papers. The emphasis on practical learning, interaction with successful entrepreneurs and up-to date knowledge of business environment and business trends, and extensive analysis of real-life case studies make the management education programme of JKLU, the best management institute for studies in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Apart from this, E- Cell JKLU reiterates the same objective by organizing various activities for entrepreneurial skill development among the students such as Entrepreneurship Seminars & Colloquiums on relevant themes and workshops to give them hand on experience and to prote. It also organizes various fun activities for generating awareness about entrepreneurship and self reliant motivation among the students such as Venture for a day, Nukkad Natak, Quizzes, Movie screening, Guest Lectures , Elevator Pitch etc.. It has also taken the initiatives in setting up the campus companies to encourage students to work on their ideas. E- Cell gives immense opportunities to the students to think out of box, visualizing and working towards realization of their dreams.

In short span of time, E- cell JKLU has been awarded by ‘One of the Best Debutant Upcoming E- Cell- 2013’, ‘One of the Best E- Cell Judges Choice Award-2013’ and ‘Week India 2014 Honor Roll award’. The activities and achievements of E-Cell JKLU are networked with and taking support from NEN, TIE, CSBE, CII and Startup Saturdays.

About the Author:

Dr. Sheetal Mundra - JKLUDr. Sheetal Mundra received her doctorate and Post-Graduation degree from MDS University, Ajmer, Rajasthan. Her Ph. D. research is on “Women Development: Economic Status of Women and Caste”. She has more than eight years of teaching experience at postgraduate (M.B.A.) and graduate level (B.Tech and BBA). Prior to current assignment, she worked with ITM University, Gurgaon.