Internships are of Vital Importance

Internships are of vital importance to engineering students who prepare for careers in private industry, consulting, government and research. Internships bridge the gap between theory and practice, and provide students with practical, field-based, real-world experiences during their years of study JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU).

The USP of JKLU is to offer its all engineering students two well-structured internships one for 30 to 45 Days in post 4th Semester (May-June ) and second which is of extreme importance and value is of Five-Six Months in the Final Semester .

The students are given enough time to choose mentor & company, decide location, and find suitability of their courses and industry where they have to go.

First Internship known as Practice School- I is for 4-6 weeks after completion of 4th semester during summer term. The objective of this programme is to provide the students an understanding of working of corporate world in various functions associated with an Industry/Organization. During this programme, they observe and learn various real world applications of their curricula and develop an understanding of vast engineering operations and its various facets such as inventory, productivity, management, information systems, human resource development, data analysis etc. The general nature of PS-1 assignments is of study and orientation. Students who have no exposure to Industry realize how ink-paper is transformed into Missile or Mobiles. Each Faculty guide students to choose their topic/industry of interest-and when they come back from PS-I -their fertile mind is full of innovative, mind-boggling questions -again for next three semester they co-relate theory with practical.

After receiving this practical exposure and three more semesters are internalized, again students are sent for mandatory Five-Six month real-life project based industry internship named as Practice School – II wherein they realize the manifestation of theory in practical. The objective of this programme is to provide the students, an opportunity to work on live projects of corporate world in various fields. During this programme, they will   work on real world applications of their curricula through organizational function of their choice. The learning of PS-1 help them in completing PS-2 successfully. This programme gives them holistic understanding of engineering world- besides working in a professional condition, it enriches students’ ideas and perspectives. They will be able to compete with the professionals and job demand once graduate with internship experience.

University has made both Practice Schools compulsory for each engineering student. The total 20 credits are assigned to these two internship programmes that proves the concern of JKLU in providing industry exposure to its students. All the students are assigned Faculty Mentor during these internships and the mentor not only guide the students in the said duration but also evaluate their performance and grade them as per the evaluation policy of JKLU.

As securing a graduate job is difficult, employers prefer to hire students with good internship experiences. This Practice School-I/II is an opportunity for students to gain valuable working experience. It also enhances their skills and knowledge to have an outstanding academic record which in turn helps them to have greater chance of success for career and personal development, which is highly  interesting and rewarding. Most employers usually pay interns some honorarium, when it is applicable. Students  also learn more from discussion with peers in respective industry, teamwork and research based work  about their working environment and develop their leadership skills when working in a team. They  work together with the professionals in the industry and this enhances their career pursuit.

Besides working in a professional condition, internships  enrich engineering students’ ideas and perspectives. They will be able to compete with the professionals and job demand once graduate with these two Practice Schools which is unique USP of JKLU.


Placement Cell – JKLU