From the Desk of Vice Chancellor


Dr. Devi Singh

Vice Chancellor
JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur

We are witnesses of and partakers in the most crucial transition our nation has ever seen. India is metamorphosing economically, technologically, culturally and even socially. As the demographic dividend becomes a household term, the Indian higher education system is readying the largest army of future professionals, who will lead this transition and address the needs of the global industry and society, at large. The influence of professional education is thus undeniable, and it is binding that the educational institutes produce industry-compatible quality professionals. The definition of industry compatibility has evolved beyond intellectual capacity, and has embraced the essentiality of human values and emotional genius. The University thus, as the representative of the higher education system, plays a fundamental role in initiating and automating principled professional and personal growth in a future manager and engineer.

JKLU, takes pride in cultivating competent thought leaders, focused on finding answers to the problems of the society. We measure the qualitative strength of our academic and co-curricular design by the extent of intellectual, moral and spiritual stimulation and in developing innovation-driven leadership among students. Students form the axis and drivers of all activity on the campus. With the encouraging insights from learned faculty and nurturing leadership of the management, students drive the vision of the institute, and undertake a journey of professional and personal self-discovery.

We understand the significance of industry-academia interaction. Promoting industry-based learning and exposure lies at the core of our beliefs, which we actuate in the form of cross-disciplinary research projects, summer internships, practice school, extra-mural lectures, annual conclaves and summits, case studies and live projects. With collaborative efforts of the industry, our students find continuous opportunities to measure their learning against corporate expectations. We sponsor multi-cultural experiences for global-attuned learning through our association with foreign Universities and Companies. Our Alumni, as our ambassadors, have exhibited exceptional talents and breakthrough performance in the demanding and competitive corporate world. The University takes pride in the commendable triumphs of its Alumni.

It is indeed a pleasure to work together with you in providing our students an opportunity to benefit your organization and the society. I am assured of the collective accomplishment our students shall drive, as they have driven JKLU to become pivotal in the growth of national and global economy