Electronics & Communication in our lives

Can we imagine our daily life without mobile phone, laptop (computer), television, tablets, digital watch, internet banking, ATM cards, Headphones, Wi-Fi, internet connection, microwave Owen and many more gadgets and communication systems. No, we cannot. All these are possible due to Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE). As we look into future, robots will also be part of our lives very soon and embedded electronics which is a sub branch of electronics play an important role in this. All of this makes ECE an interesting field to study and work.

Most of the times, interest is not sufficient to attract us towards a field to make a career. We look for other criteria’s also for our career path. Some of the important measures are such as current demand in the market, future of the career, stability and education opportunity at one of the best universities in Jaipur such as JKLU. B.Tech in ECE at JKLU fulfill all these criteria’s for our career path.

Let us take an example of iPhones to understand how ECE is a better choice for ones career in engineering.

Following table shows that Apple releases either a new model of iPhone or new version of the iPhone every year. This tells us about the demand of new electronic products in market and requirement speedy research in this field. We have taken this example but this is the case for most of the electronic gadgets and communication systems. From this we can understand the potential of electronics & communications in the present and future.

Sr. No.

Model Name of iPhone

Release date


1st Generation June 29, 2007


3G July 11, 2008


3GS June 19, 2009


iPhone 4 June 24, 2010
5 iPhone 4s October 14, 2011
6 iPhone 5 September 21, 2012
7 iPhone 5C, 5S September 20, 2013
8 iPhone 6 September 19, 2014

Now let’s take the data of iPhones which will give us the idea of people opting for these devices. The following bar chart shows the sales of iPhone worldwide from Quarter 3 of 2007 to Quarter 1 of 2015. This shows that the demand is continuously increasing. It has been increased more than 275 times in 7.5 years. More or less, this is the case for most of the electronic gadgets and it is growing continuously.

global-apple-iphone-sales**Source: http://www.statista.com/statistics/263401/global-apple-iphone-sales-since-3rd-quarter-2007/

From both these points, demand of electronics & communication engineers is clearly understood by us.

Our activities in space are also increasing. To be successful in space, our communication systems must be very much advanced. This is also a very interesting field for everybody because most of the children have fantasies to do something in the field of space.

Now, the point is, which are the organizations working these areas. By presuming, people who are little bit aware of their surroundings must know about most of the famous private organizations in this field. But, I would like to mention the names of government organizations in the field of ECE. Following are the PSUs and Govt. organizations for ECE students

  • Bharat Electronics Ltd.
  • BSNL
  • Central Electronics Ltd.
  • Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.
  • Bhabha atomic research Centre
  • Electronics corporation of India
  • Telecommunications Consultants India
  • ISRO
  • DRDO
  • Railways and many more

To make this world more comfortable for the human beings as an electronics & communication engineer, we can be a part of these private organizations or can also be an entrepreneur in this field. For all this, a student must have strong technical knowledge, great understanding at practical level, very good industrial exposure, discipline and perseverance. Other than best educational institutes such as IITs and NITs, one name which comes to my mind is JK Lakshmipat University.

This university has most of the faculty from IITs, NITs, and some prestigious institutes such as BITS Pilani which ensures that at best university in Jaipur student will be able to get very good technical knowledge. It has very good laboratories and along with this faculties motivate and facilitate the students for project works which gives students the practical knowledge. A lot of workshops, industrial visits, seminars are conducted in its campus which is a good source for industrial exposure. This makes me to say that the engineering college of JK Lakshmipat university is one of the best engineering institutes in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

About the Author:

Mr Chandramohan SinghMr Chandramohan Singh is Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. He did his M.Tech in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research (IEOR) from IIT Bombay in 2012 and      B. Tech from Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur in 2010 with specialization in Electronics Instrumentation & Control Engineering.