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JKLU Focusing Towards Producing the Industry Ready Professionals

JK Lakshmipat University Jaipur

JK Lakshmipat University has been promoted by the JK Organisation, one of the leading Indian Industrial Conglomerates of the country with a rich heritage of more than 125 years. Through the Lakshmipat Singhania Education Foundation and other non-profit entities, JK Organisation is strongly committed to the societal needs since long, particularly in the fields of Education, Healthcare, Social Welfare and Infrastructure Development both in rural and urban areas.

JKLU is inspired by the vision of its key architect Lala Lakshmipat Singhania: A visionary, a pioneer, an entrepreneur, a humanitarian and a leader of outstanding quality. Lala Lakshmipat Singhania considered higher learning and management skills essential for Indian industry and economy to grow and develop not only domestically but also globally.

“To my mind Education is not only reading and writing, and knowing a number of subjects – Education is education for life, that is, to make a person more understanding and humble…’’ “VidyaDadatiVinayam”.

He encouraged meritocracy. In his words “We seek a society which is proud of its past, conscious of the present and full of hope for the future – a society in which every citizen would be equally conscious of his rights and responsibilities”.

Inspired by his noble vision, JK Organisation through the Lakshmipat Singhania Education Foundation, continues its mission of spreading education across the country with special emphasis on providing quality education to the masses.


Institute of Engineering & Technology

World over there is a growing demand for qualified and skilled technocrats for the changing needs of society in rapidly growing economies. Institute of Engineering & Technology offers Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in various streams i.e. Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering andMechanical Engineering.

Specialized programs

B.Tech. CSE (with Specialization and in collaboration with IBM)

  • Big Data & Analytics • Cloud Computing • Mobile Computing • Information Security;

B.Tech. CSE and ECE (Specialization in Enterprise IT in Collaboration with RED-HAT)

Integrated Dual Degree Programmes:

B.Tech + M.Tech (5 Years) and B.Tech + MBA (5 Years).


Institute of Management

Institute of management is committed to producing the world-class graduates for supporting the India’s knowledge-based economy. Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration in various specializations is playing leadership roles in corporate sector. Starting as professional managers and reach the top most positions as CEOs, CFOs and entrepreneurs. Vital administrative functions of industries like accounts, HR, Quality, logistics and supply chain management, operations, marketing etc. are   increasingly being managed by professionals. Institute of Management offers a wide range of specialized programs

MBA with Dual Specialization: Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Operations Management, International Business, Information Technology;

MBA Specialized: Logistics & Supply Chain Management (CII-IL), Financial Analytics (Moody’s Analytics &EduEdgepro), and Retail Management, Digital Marketing & Web Analytics;

BBA: Regular and BBA Specialization in:Logistics & Supply Chain Management (CII-IL), Banking & Finance, Retail Management B.Com (Hons.);

B.Com: Regular B.Com and B.Com (Hons.) Specialization in: Accounting and Finance, Banking & Finance, Entrepreneurship;

Dual Degree Programme:BBA + MBA (5 Years) and B.Com (Hons.) + MBA (5Years)


Towards producing the Industry Ready Professionals:

Professional education is stated for a paradigm shift. Convergence seems to be the keyword rather than learning in sibs while the content is still important, teaching methodologies are critical. JK Lakshmipat University is implementing various strategies to enhance the learning processes. The updated curriculum aligned according to industrial sector requirements is focusing the importance of experimental learning process.

JKLU has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with reputed universities in USA, Europe and Asia Pacific regions for establishing alliances including exchange of faculty, students and researchers, joint research, cooperative educational programmes, integrated multi-disciplinary approach offering multiple advanced skills in the Engineering and Management.

The University has signed MoU with the following Universities:

  • The Hanyang University, South Korea
  • University of Wales, United Kingdom
  • Cloud State University, U.S.A
  • SzechenyiIstvan University, Hungary

The university has collaborated with many reputed institutes and organisations to provide specialized skill set/certifications in various areas:

  • IBM Software Lab for Emerging Technologies
  • Microsoft IT Academy
  • Cisco Network Academy
  • Bentley Network community
  • Oracle Academy
  • RED HAT Academy
  • ISRO Recognised Research Centre
  • National Entrepreneurship Network
  • Indian Society of Geomatics
  • Solar Energy Society of India
  • The Institution of Engineers (India)

JK Lakshmipat University redefining career oriented education including modern curriculum and teaching methodologies, highly experienced faculty, student mentoring program, strong industry interface, research & consultancy, well equipped library, interactive learning from foreign resources, state of the art IT infrastructure, students activity centre etc.

JK Lakshmipat University provides various opportunity for developing life skills, abilities, domain knowledge with the participation in the activities including workshops, expert lectures from academia and industry, industrial visits, practice schools and many other academic engagements, therefore University is furnishing ready professionals for industries equipped with various abilities.

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Dr. Pushpendra Singh Dr. Pushpendra Singh – Associate Professor and Head- Dept. of EE, IET, JKLU

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