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JKLU – Taking Education to Another Level

Education has always been an important part of the Indian culture right since ancient times. Ancient India had some of the best universities in the world. But somewhere down the line, we let education take the backseat. In this fast-paced world along with being educated, one has to be smart too. Holistic education is the demand of today. And as such, it becomes the responsibility of the educational institutes to provide to the students the necessary support, right knowledge, and the platform to go ahead, explore, and fulfill their dreams.The JK Lakshmipat University was founded by the JK Group with precisely the same vision in mind.

JK Lakshmipat University is not just an educational institute, it’s a place that nurtures development. Its students don’t just graduate with a degree, they graduate with what it takes to make it big in this tough world.

With its various undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral, technical and management courses,and modern and innovative teaching methods and course structures, JK Lakshmipat University strives to bring international standard education in India so that its studentsare instilled witha better mindset, augmented skills, and superior knowledge for a better future and robust career ahead.

Whether it is the prodigious teaching staff of the University, the state-of-the-art infrastructure, high-tech laboratories, massive library, or the highly active placement cell, JKLU certainly leads at all fronts.

Faculty: JK Lakshmipat University puts a strongemphasis on learning along with understanding. Students learn under the valuable guidance of highly qualified and experienced full-time faculty, each having more than a decade of experience. Moreover, we invite top professionals in the industry from time to time to share their priceless experience with our students. We believe that interaction with top professionals can help students have a better understanding of their respective fields.

Modern Laboratories:The Universityhosts high tech laboratoriesthat are well equipped with the most modern instruments in the field of technology and engineering, and strive to provide a safe and secure environment for the students to get their hands on experience while they learn. These laboratories provide perfect spaces to demonstrate industry oriented application of what the students learn in the classroom.

Well-Furnished Library:A 2000 sq.meters of space dedicated for a world-class library. The library gives students access to the leading national and international journals, periodicals, and databases along with providing them with all kinds of books on technology and management. It is fitted with top class technology which makes it easier for students to find the books they require along with the links to various useful online resources. The university encourages students to thoroughly research their projects and appreciates quality over quantity.

Colossal Campus:The University offers an all-inclusive campus to its students. World class facilities for all-round development of the students are available within the campus itself. The campus spreads over 30 acres of land in the beautiful and serene surroundings outside the hustle bustle of the city in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is fully Wi-Fi enabled, is built with the best technology to keep its students safe, and enables easy navigation around the campus.

Safe and Comfortable Hostels:There are separate hostels for boys and girls with spacious and well-furnished rooms. The hostels have a sports arena and recreational facilities where students can unwind after the day’s classes. A balance between work and play is of utmost importance for a well-rounded development of the students.

Active Committees:The University does not tolerate ragging at any level and has various actively working committeesto ensure safety and security of the students.

More than Just Education:JK Lakshmipat University believes in balancing the academic side of the university with a wide variety of extracurricular activities, recreational facilities,and service. For proper growth and development of students, it is crucial to complement an extensive educational regime with a healthy student-faculty interaction and practical training.

The university gives its students plenty of opportunities to learn at their own pace and with hands-on experience and interactions with people from the industry. It encourages students to ask questions and rewards curiosity. It provides students with all the resources they need for their education.  Students can use any of the 57 high-end laboratories for practical skills, and the library for research.

JK Lakshmipat University has faith that if given a chance and some support, today’s youth can achieve whatever they set their minds to. In that direction, the university has initiated what is called Centre of Innovation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship (CIIE). It conducts seminars and workshops for those students who are interested in starting their own business venture.

The university has also established an Entrepreneurship cell to help its students get the necessary guidance and support. There is also an ideation and incubation center at JKLU which has been set up to encourage the students to innovate and work towards achieving their dreams by providing them with a working space and guidance from industry experts.

JKLU’s award-winning curriculum and infrastructure take education to another level.Learning in a classroom is very different from learning while on the job. The university has thus incorporated an internship based learning structure. Internships are built into the curriculum and the universityhas tied up with top companies in various fields to help students take up the internships and make an informed decision about their future and learn the inner workings of the outer world.

JK Lakshmipat University has collaborated with the reputed USA, Asian, and European Universities and 13 academic bodies to be able to expose its students to international student exchange programs under which students get to visit and study at the University of their choice. Exchange of faculty and researchers is also organized to enable the students get the best possible global exposure.  This collaboration with other Universities also puts JKLU in a better position to keep evolving its course structure so as to always keep it up to date and at par with the international standards.

JKLU has not left any stone unturned when it comes providing its students with quality education, practical knowledge, industry exposure, placement support, safety and security, and a lot more that serves towards their holistic development.

Application or active learning based teaching methodology at JKLU

As we know that employability of the engineering graduated has recently declined to a historically low that has caused a panic among the educators in India. Technical education – a professional degree program is supposed to provide hands-on learning in several disciplines of engineering and technology. These professionals are supposed to solve the real life challenges and to improve or facilitate the lives of the individuals of various walks of life. The classroom learning involves understanding the technological concepts with appropriate mathematical treatment. However, to effectively learn several technological concepts of any engineering program, it is important to apply those technological concepts to solve some real life application based problems in order to reinforce the real potential of those concepts and to learn the underpinnings and limitations of those concepts.

Often times, the classroom teaching is focused on covering lot of fundamental concepts with appropriate mathematical treatment but little focus is given on the real life industrial case or application based exercise. In absence of the application of the studied concepts, the mathematical analysis of the concepts remains meaningless and as a result of that, students forget those concepts quickly or after passing the exams. This methodology of teaching converts the technical education to a “rote learning” and thus leaves a significant gap between the industry expectations and score of the degree examinations. It is therefore essential that application or case based teaching methodology is developed and adopted to make technical learning effective so as to bridge the gap between examination scoring and an ability to solve the real life engineering problems. Continue reading

Role of Laboratory Practice in Engineering Education

I hear and I forget;

I see and I remember;

I do and I understand.

                                                            Chinese proverb

Engineering education is incomplete without laboratory practice. The overall goal of engineering education is to prepare students to practice engineering and in particular to deal with the nature of problems faced by the society. The laboratory practice has been an important part of professional and engineering undergraduate education; the laboratory is an ideal place for active learning. Students learn in a real world environment, function as team members, discuss the planning of experiments, and share ideas about the analysis and interpretation of data. Most engineering instruction took place in the laboratory and it demands the active use of knowledge and skill.

For the student the objective of engineering laboratory is to “practice by doing” and the laboratory courses help them to gain insight and understanding of the real world which they learn in their theory courses and the ideas for innovations. Now there is shift from the text book learning to the learning by observation and doing. Students have to design, analyze, and build their own creation. The emphasis on laboratories has increased many folds over the years. Now attention has been paid to laboratory courses in the curriculum and teaching methods. Continue reading

Digital India Project: – Prospects In Networking Field

JKLU - Computer Networking

As computer networking becomes an increasingly routine part of our daily lives, the jobs of computer networking specialists and administrators become more important. It is the job of the computer-networking specialist to keep the networks working. Once a network goes down, many businesses cease to function until it returns to normal. Computer networks have become the communications backbone of large and small businesses.

Networking is changing the world of consumer electronics, biomedicine, industrial automation, supercomputing, cloud computing and defence. With the advent of Ethernet-enabled sensors and controllers, companies are increasingly looking at hooking their factory floor to their executive offices and beyond. Enterprise management is another widespread application made possible by networking. Continue reading

Leveraging Engineering Education with Technology

Technology is changing at fast pace and is finding its place in daily lives, be it using GPS to reach destination, searching of a recipe, uploading your experiences of a tour, watching a movie, sharing photograph or viewing and trusting other’s experiences whom you do not know before buying a product. Education is also not untouched. Blended learning includes combining face-to-face instruction deliveries with computer-mediated teaching and learning. Question arises to what extent Technology can support engineering education in today’s scenario. Gone are the days when usage of technology in education meant usages of slides with bulleted points typed in them.

There are varieties of ways to embrace it in education. Avenues of collaborations are opened up at a wide scale with the advent of technologies. With technology, faculties and students have a variety of learning tools at their smart tops, be it laptop or smart phones. Abundant credible literature is available online in video as well as text format that can be utilized by both teachers and students. Faculties along with delivering content face to face also apprises of students about relevant resources on internet, video lectures of distinguished faculties and eminent scientists. In best universities in Jaipur, Quality presentations prepared by faculties with appropriate animations can make their job easier in explaining concepts. Learning Management Systems facilitates topic wise uploading of Lecture Materials, Detailed Tutorials, Practice Exercises and Supplements to understand the topic. Students after attending face-to-face class can browse the content multiple times at own pace and need. Students can also submit solutions to assignments online, where in faculties can keep track of dates of submission, put their comments and also demand revised submission, maintaining the track of revisions of assignment. Continue reading

Electrical Engineering?

Inception, expansion and change of universe is effect of conversion of energy between different forms. We are surrounded with energy waves and processes. Types of energy can be classified in many forms viz. electrical energy flowing in electrical appliances and overhead lines, mechanical energy in all moving objects and machines, potential energy in falling water, heat energy in sun rays, sound energy during speech, wind energy in flowing wind, tidal energy in sea and many more. In all type of energy forms, electrical energy is most feasible and easily convertible in other forms of energy.

Now a days we generally hear through television, newspaper, magazines and other media sources, words like electric vehicles, renewable energy, intelligent control, robust control, smart grid, solar energy, electrical locomotives, electric trains etc. What are these all about? How these things originated? Why we need these? How these things are going to change our life? All of these questions generally hit our mind. Continue reading

Effective Communication Skills in Engineers and Managers

“Speech is Silver but Silence is Golden,” so says an admirable and profound adage of the past, the type of which we would like to preserve and follow till eternity. However, given the demanding exigencies of the professional world such as JK tyre & Industries, JK Lakshmi Cement following an adage such as this will only spell doom for a professional. It is so because most of the time spent by a professional today is devoted to the task of reading, writing, speaking and listening. In fact, the recent researches suggest that about 70 to 80% time of a professional is spent in attending and conducting meetings, making presentations, writing professional reports, writing official emails, interacting with other officials, addressing fellow professionals in public speaking situations, and so on an so forth.

Despite its crucial inevitability in professional world, thousands of Indian students studying in Top Universities, Best Engineering Colleges and Institutes of higher Learning in India find themselves ill equipped when it comes to carrying out communication related tasks effectively in their day-to-day professional world. It is ironical to observe that in spite of the staggering proliferation of ‘English medium schools’ all over the country, the fear of English continues to haunt thousands of students pursuing their UG and PG programs in Engineering and Management. Some of the best India students in Engineering develop cold feet when it comes to making a presentation, participating in a group discussion, making an impromptu speech, or appearing at a job interview. What adds to the tragedy is the lack of attention that best academic institutes of higher education pay in providing adequate training in developing and improving the English communication skills of their students?

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Role of Modern Curriculum, Teaching, & Fair Assessment in Quality Education

Education leads from darkness of illiteracy to brightness of intellect. Education is the right of a human being in the world which is required to develop all of their attributes and skills to achieve their potential as human beings and members of society. In all aspects of the surrounding education community, the focus is on learning which strengthens the capabilities of human being to act progressively on their own behalf through the acquisition of relevant knowledge, useful skills and appropriate attitudes; and which creates emotions of safety, security and healthy interaction in the human. Best universities in Rajasthan like JK Lakshmipat University help learners develop creatively and emotionally and acquire the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes necessary for responsible, active and productive citizenship. How well education achieves these outcomes is important to those who use it. Modern curriculum, teaching, and fair assessment have an important role to inculcate the quality education in learners.

Curriculum is a systematic and intended packaging of competencies (i.e. knowledge, skills and attitudes that are underpinned by values) that learners should acquire through organized learning experiences both in formal and non-formal settings. A noble curriculum plays an important role to the development of thinking skills and the acquisition of relevant knowledge that learners need to apply in the context of their studies, daily life and careers. The curriculum which is to be offered to the students has to be developed by a team consisting renowned academicians and industry inputs so that curriculum can be prepared based on latest requirement of the industries/market. The curriculum should comprise three major components in a justified proportion i.e. theory, practical and projects for acquiring conceptual knowledge & understanding, practice and development the skills in students. Seeing the various contemporary issues and challenges emerging in the field of modern education, interdisciplinary courses should be incorporated in the curriculum for the overall development of the student.

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Institutions as INCUBATION Centers for HUMAN CAPITAL

Human beings are the critical input of any endeavor, the potential of humans are unlimited and the unique creation of God is our human brains. Education system is the nursery of training the brains to think, analyze and solve the problems. In turn transforming human beings into non replaceable capital and recently we call it HUMAN Capital. Best universities in Rajasthan, such as JK Lakshmipat University has been indulge continuously in such processes since its inception.

Humans in organizations have been referred as the resources; off late humans have become capitals in the organizations. This transformation from resource to capital is a significant paradigm shift.

Today India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. The MAKE IN INDIA campaign is a leading national program, designed to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development, protect intellectual property and build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure, probably the best time India and top management colleges in Rajasthan could have thought of initiating a program like this.

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