Career Options for a MBA in Finance

Finance is one of the most sought after specialization of MBA. It is one of the oldest disciplines of management. Finance as a subject involves the management, control and review of the collection, investment and resources of money as a capital required for an industrial building, plant and working. Thus, financial management is concerned with the planning and controlling of the financial resources of an industry. In the foundation course on finance, the students are offered the knowledge and skills of analytical thinking, concept of managerial decision making, maintaining balance between risk and profitability, coordination of processes and centralized nature of finance.

MBA in finance is most sought after program across the world. One can do the MBA in finance, preferably from top B Schools in India after the completion of UG degree in diverse fields, viz., Engineering, Management, Medical, Science, Commerce, Arts and Humanities. A MBA in Finance, apart from the usual compulsory courses, will include courses in Investment Management, Portfolio Management, Working Capital Management, Taxation and Tax Planning, Corporate Valuation, International Finance, Management Control System, Banking and Insurance Management, Financial Risk and Derivatives Management, Financial Statement – Reporting and Analysis and Management of Financial Services. Institute of Management (IM) at JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU), Jaipur, amongst the top institutes for management in India offers MBA in Finance and has one of the best and strongest finance department to support it.

Quite often or not, we tend to create terms such as “The LPG Era”, “Computer Boom Era”, “The Information Technology Era”, “The Bio-Technology Era”, and so on. Looking to the current times, we can say that we are living in “The Financial Era”! All round us, the demand for the finance professional is growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to the sizeable growth in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance field, more commonly referred to as the BFSI vertical. Therefore, a sizeable chunk of MBA aspirants specialize in finance these days since such a specialization paves way for high-paying job in banks and financial sector. With the global financial crisis striking in 2008 and the current Greek – Eurozone impasse continuing to threaten world trade, companies all over the world feel the need for financial specialists who can come up with quick solutions, taking the volatile conditions of the market into consideration. Finance is indeed an important part among the processes of any company and thus, there are plenty of career openings for an MBA Finance degree holder from JKLU, best college in Rajasthan for management studies and amongst the top private universities in India.

Career Prospects

As an MBA finance graduate, one can look out for opportunities with banks, mutual funds, insurance, financial consultancies and other finance related firms. Specialized areas such as investment banking, international and corporate finance, merchant banking, portfolio management and more offer tremendous opportunities for finance professionals. Newer and emerging areas, viz., Asset Management, Credit Risk Management, Derivatives Structuring, Hedge Fund Management, Private Equity offer opportunities for advanced learners of finance. The future holds more promises where an experienced finance professional can shift into the role of a financial consultant and assist in coming up with financial policies to the government and private financial organizations. IM-JKLU, best MBA institute in Rajasthan and amongst the top mentoring program colleges in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India takes care to instill the superb financial skills in its students to reach their ultimate goals in life.

In banking arena, one can work as a Cashier, Branch Manager, Relationship Manager, Investment Manager, Operations Manager, Wealth Manager, Loan Manager, Financial Counsellor, etc. towards the ultimate goal of becoming a senior banking professional. In Corporates, one can be the corporate financier, the strategy maker or be a treasurer / controller and reach the top as Chief Finance Officer or Director (Finance). Other possible openings for an MBA in finance include the roles of financial planner, investment banker, real estate planner, credit manager, investor relations officer, insurance advisor, etc. Overall, there is an assortment of opportunities out there in the financial sector, if one is specialized in finance from IM-JKLU, top college in Jaipur for management courses.

Pay Package in Finance Sector

The pay mainly depends on the kind of business school you graduate from, previous work experience and the work profile. Finance MBA degree holders have traditionally been known to get the creamiest placement offers from the top companies of the country and beyond. Top B-Schools and Universities see students get placed with offers around Rs. 10-15 lakhs p.a. For exceptionally bright and experienced hands, sky is the limit. Foreign placements with salaries running into Crores (foreign currency package converted to Indian Rupees) are not unheard off. Those who work as financial analysts start off with a minimum pay package of Rs. 4-5 lakhs p.a. Credit analysts and Banking specialists start at Rs. 5-6 lakh p.a. and earn as much as Rs. 20-30 lakh p.a. once they reach senior level positions. Management consultants, too, start at Rs. 5-8 lakhs and within a few years earn as much as Rs. 15-20 lakhs p.a. At IM-JKLU, the top business school in Rajasthan and North Western India, 100% placement was achieved and the highest CTC for the 2014 Batch was Rs.11.52 Lakhs per annum.

About the Author

Dr. Kapil AroraDr. Kapil Arora, Associate Professor in Finance is an alumnus of NIT-Surat & IIM-Ahmedabad with over 17 years in education field. He has published and presented nearly 150 cases, research papers, chapters in books and abstracts in National/International Conferences, Books and Research Journals. His professional engagements have taken him to Dubai and Singapore. He has edited a Book “Information and Communication Technologies: Enhancing Business Competencies through Innovative Practices” published by Excel India Publishers. He has extended his training and consultancy services to Industry and been a Resource Person for EDPs/FDPs/MDPs. He has been a curriculum developer at various Universities and reviewer and board member of various journals. He is associated with ICAI-New Delhi, IGNOU-New Delhi besides being a recognized Ph.D. Guide at JKLU-Jaipur and DAVV-Indore. He is Member of various professional bodies such as ISTE-New Delhi; ISTD-New Delhi; AIMA-New Delhi; CSI-Mumbai; IE(India)-Kolkata; ORSI-Kolkata; IACSIT-Singapore, IAENG-Hong Kong, GARP-London and INFOMS-USA. His current research interest is in Behavioral Finance, Financial Engineering and Foreign Exchange Risk Management. He can be reached at