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Challenges as an Entrepreneur and How to Evolve

Being an entrepreneur can be surely rewarding but it does need a lot of effort and time to put in. They are surrounded with lots of responsibilities, financial pressure, hurdles, and uncertainty. In today’s ultra-competitive world, an entrepreneur has to face lots of challenges and hardships that are often overlooked. Even experienced entrepreneurs deal with these rewarding yet harsh challenges, no matter how many years they’ve been in the sphere or how well they’ve established their business. This is because every entrepreneur has to adapt to the changing trends and outperform the competitors to keep the business profitable by all means. So, if you are the one newly getting into the game, be prepared to face significant challenges on your way. There are few common challenges faced by all entrepreneurs and knowing them will help the budding entrepreneurs handle the problems and operate an efficient, successful business.


When it comes to funding, both newcomers and experienced entrepreneurs have a similar trouble – the Capital. However, experienced ones are at an advantage as they have a steady stream of revenue or able to pool in capital from their existing or previous business, to fund their new business’s cash flow. But as a new entrepreneur, you need to start from scratch and network with investors or make arrangements for capital on your own by hunting possible funding options. You can choose bank loans, funding from investors, or even go for Kickstarter campaigns with your startup ideas. But still funding your business endeavors on your own is a preferred option by many for a self-fueled growth. You need not launch a multi-million dollar business overnight, but start by focusing on a minimal circle of core customers to move ahead bigger. This way you will save some funds for your business cash flow.

Money Management:

For the survival of any small business, cash flow is essential. This is the prime reason why many entrepreneurs who succeed in their funding stage fall short in their cash flow management. This generally happens because of poor money management skills. As an entrepreneur, you need to be good at managing your cash flow by using your funds wisely. You have to plan proper budgeting and maintain optimum cash flow within it. Even though businesses provide significant income, it is also prone to risks, so, learn to save emergency funds. Oftentimes, business incomes are inconsistent and so entrepreneurs should be prepared for the highs and lows with effective money management skills.

Time Management:

Since entrepreneurs have to wear so many hats, time management stands as the biggest problem for them. Fortunately, we live in a highly advanced technological age, where you can find lots of tools to use your time efficiently and manage your schedules. Make sure to steer clear of time-wasting activities and focus your time more on what will help your business grow further. Like money, be smart about spending your time as well. You can create goal lists, broken down into simpler specific tasks that have to be accomplished every week or every day. This way, you will have your to-dos organized, your goals accomplished, and you will always stay on track. Also, don’t forget to delegate tasks, when and where possible, as it will save you lots of time. But see to it that you are prudent to choose the right person for delegation, or else you might regret.

Facing Competition:

Competition has hit every single aspect of life today. There is no such business where you don’t find any competitors in your way. When you start a business, you basically start to compete with your co-marketers in the field. It is not quite easy to overcome the competitors and there are times when entrepreneurs have to face roadblocks that impede the progress of the business. Some might even go overboard finding all ways to push you down out of the market. Fortunately, the more you rile up with the competitors, the better are the prospects of your business. So when you are pressured by competitors, it means you are being noticed in the market and seen as a threat. If you want to overcome the competition, you need to maintain your products’ quality and type ahead of others so that you can outrun them and stay successfully in the market. Aggressive competition and marketing is a norm in today’s business world, and entrepreneurs must have a thick skin and should know how to survive the competition to get ahead successfully.

Overcoming Uncertainty:

Every business revolves around certain uncertainty and unpredictability. It might be exhilarating to be your own boss and set up your own hours of work, but unfortunately, in business, you do not always guarantee a steady paycheck. Entrepreneurship is about entering the unknowns and every entrepreneur should be prepared to face the unpredictability in any form. It might be disturbing at first to abandon all the accomplishments of the former day-job career but still, the eventual payoff, when the launched business becomes a success, is far greater than anything.

Overall, every entrepreneur has to face different kinds of challenges along their road to the big vision. The knowledge and skills accompanied with hard work and the right resources at hand can take an entrepreneur ahead onto the path of success, overcoming all hurdles/challenges along the way and forge ahead.

Remember, for an individual to succeed as an entrepreneur, it takes not only hard work and financial resources but also the professional knowledge and skills related to taking on entrepreneurship as a career. This responsibility of preparing the aspirants with necessary knowledge and skill set falls largely on the shoulders of the educational system that provides the students a conducive learning environment that favors the acquisition of entrepreneurship skills. This is what exactly we, at the JK Lakshmipat University, have been doing ever since our inception.

We, at JKLU, offer business administration programs designed to enable the students to meet the growing needs of the business world, putting the emphasis on efficiently preparing the entrepreneurs and professionals for tomorrow. With the specialization in entrepreneurship, students are nurtured with career-specific skills and intangible entrepreneurship traits to shape them into enterprising individuals, who can initiate and solve problems creatively.

The combination of business management and entrepreneurship at JKLU caters to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practice, thereby equipping the students with all the know-how to launch a business successfully. When students are equipped with all the essential skills, they have the power to bring innovative ideas into reality and emerge as successful entrepreneurs.

MBA at JKLU: Shaping the Life-Ready Leaders of Tomorrow

In today’s economic scenario, everything from businesses to technology is witnessing rapid advancements that have paved the way for new opportunities and growth. As the business world is constantly exposed to drives for change, there is a strong need for entrepreneurs and organizations to look forward to management professionals having transversal competencies to tackle the changing business environment. This is why it is important for the emerging professionals and leaders of tomorrow to equip themselves with practical skills and domain knowledge that help them stand out from the rest.

Today’s business organizations require management professionals with potential managerial qualities to handle the complexity of the professional environment. Gone are the days when management studies used to take place inside the four walls of the classrooms and remained confined to books. Today, the management students have to acquire complex management skills and qualities along with their academic and practical knowledge to scale high as employable individuals in the job market. When it comes to business management, it is important to develop the right skills and abilities that would propel oneself towards success in this fast-paced economy.

The Significance of Management Education:

There need not be any doubt about the fact that management education is gaining momentum on a worldwide level and the demand for qualified managers and leaders is steeply increasing. Management education plays a major role in preparing students for the business arena. Most of the organizations today lookout for qualified professionals who are capable of managing the organization efficiently and increase business opportunities in the domestic and global sphere. To thrive in the industry, it is important that management professionals blend their expertise with leadership, ingenuity, agility, and responsibility to meet the demands of the sector. With proper management education, students are equipped with requisite resources, skills, and knowledge to bloom into efficient managers who are capable of contributing substantially to organizational growth.

To that end, it largely becomes the responsibility of the management school to prepare students for a smooth transformation into efficient managers who can solve business issues, offer unique solutions to problems and learn the industry changes adeptly to tackle situations through proactive thinking and decision making.

In substance, management education is what makes individuals become efficient management professionals and leaders of tomorrow. However, another fact is that not all business schools and part-time management programs can deliver equally prospective outcomes. Attending a reputed business school that offers quality management education is what equips students with the vital skills and knowledge needed to get ahead in this increasingly competitive corporate business environment.

JK Lakshmipat University – Taking Management Education to yet another Level

JK Lakshmipat University, the education arm of the renowned JK Group, backed by its 125 years old legacy, stands as one of the leading educational institutions in the country that is known for its high-quality, industry-centric management education. JKLU has been consistently catering to fill the gap between the demand and availability of skilled management professionals in the job market. The university excels in instilling the students with strong academic/theoretical knowledge along with essential practical experience, enabling them to have a good understanding of the global business market. JKLU consistently persuades its students to learn the cores of the management concepts and strategies, allowing them to explore the various domains of the business environment from a global perspective.

JK Lakshmipat University is actively contributing to building country’s most innovative higher education with its modern, environmentally conscious campus, designed to be safe, productive, and student-centric. JKLU strives to empower students into not just job-ready individuals but life-ready leaders, possessing 21st-century skills and knowledge.

JKLU has reimagined management education by embedding it with dynamism and entrepreneurship and seeding it with technology. Our stellar faculty, rigorous pedagogy, and the globally benchmarked curriculum ensure that students receive a highly enriching and transformative experience that prepares them for the future.

In this complex and competitive business world, where students are attempting to gain the best of management education to stand above the mob, we, at JKLU, provide a superior management education through teaching methodologies that give a new side to learning. The learning pedagogies at JKLU are enhanced by faculty, visiting lecturers, industry experts, and speakers from different domains and industries to provide students a broader perspective in learning. The training and development programs at the campus maintain a greater level of expertise in business and industrial arena, equipping students with all the skills and abilities required for the real-world business environment.


The Pinnacle MBA Program at JKLU has been diligently designed to equip students to think creatively and explore their unique potentials in handling the businesses and societies of the future. The program offers the right blend of academics, experience, and experimentation, giving students the opportunity to develop on both personal as well as profession fronts. The program aims at synergizing theoretical information with practical experience and realistic skills to promote all-round proficiency in students. The program curriculum is designed to meet the latest industry standards so that students are knowledgeable of the recent advancements in the specific domain and are able to stay abreast of the upcoming changes.

The full-time 2-year MBA program at JKLU provides students the opportunity to build an entrepreneurial mindset, grounded in academic theory. The program is structured by experts from all domains of higher education, management studies, business, and industry to offer a multidisciplinary learning curriculum that excels in imparting management education with a difference.

The outstanding management education offered at JKLU comprises holistically of theoretical fundamentals and practical skills, making students well-qualified and prepared for the industry practices and corporate world. JKLU endeavors to develop emerging learners into concrete, life-ready professionals and leaders who are enabled to become practical and intelligent experts to take on complex managerial positions.

Understanding the Green HR Management Practices and their Significance

The corporate world is one of the major stakeholders in any discussion about the environmental issues, and interestingly, it is also one of the solutions to environmental hazards. The blame of some of the biggest hazards like pollution, waste disposal, encroachment, and more fall on the shoulders of the industries. Thus, in the last two decades, there has been a worldwide consensus on the proactive role of the corporate world in environmental management. In this aspect, it is important to mention that the implementation of any corporate environmental program involves working together of several units like marketing, HR, Finance, IT, and so on. Among these, the most important contributor is obviously the human resource management unit.

Human Resource Management is one of the most important parts of the management as it deals with the chief resource of any company i.e. the manpower. Currently, there is a major emphasis on the incorporation of sustainable practices in Human Resource Management. To give a simple idea of Green Human Resource Management, we can define it as the implementation of Human Resource policies that encourage the sustained use of resources within the business and promote the cause of environmentalism, which can, in turn, boost employee morale. One can also define Green Human Resource Management as the use of policies and practices that promote sustainable use of business resources leading to prevention of any untoward harm coming on from environmental concerns in the organization. No matter how you define it, its significance to the employees, employers, and the consumers, in the world faced with rising environmental degradation, is undeniable.

The earlier notion was that any environmental initiative would negatively affect the performance of an organization as it would have to invest more resources than it usually does. Economic outcomes were considered as the most captivating to any firm and factors like environmental concerns, hence, always took a backseat. Thankfully, those ideas have lost their ground in the 21st century, and in fact, green environmental effects are considered to be more practical today for increased economic gains. The Green Human Resource initiatives are the empirical platforms for companies that lead to an enhanced outcome by attainment of employees’ satisfaction and customer loyalty.

There are multiple avenues for the implementation of Green Human Resource Management practices in an organization. It can be carried out through green recruitment, development and training, performance management and appraisal, pay and reward, compensation and employment relations, and so on. However, before going into its implementations, it is necessary to emphasize and understand the significance of Green Human Resource practices for the environment and organizations.

The implications of Green Human Resource Management are manifold, but the foremost one relates to waste management practices. It is indeed true that application of environmentally sound waste management practices may lead to higher initial costs, thereby adding to the company’s expenditures. However, after the initial few months are over, the waste management practices start showing rich dividends, which turn out to be beneficial for a company in the long run. The only thing needed on the employees and employer’s part is to be patient enough to look at the long-term goals rather than the short ones.

A lot of the corporate business is dependent on market reputation of a company. The well-strategized corporate marketing ideas coming together with Green Human Resource Management practices show that the company has the edge over its competitors in the market. The consumer is naturally drawn towards a company which keeps the environment first, and the trustworthiness translates into profits for the company.

Besides, the Green Human Resource Management practices have been also found to be linked with better employee performances within a company. It has been seen that such practices and policies have led the employees to be better motivated in the deliverance of results. The fact is that it is not as if individuals are reluctant to be environmentally responsible, but it is the chance that is lacking due to a company’s strict policy framework. Now, if the framework itself encourages sustainable practices, the employees will be more than ready to join as it generates more of a pride in the work done. The Green Human Resource Practices can eventually enhance the human capital of an organization by aiding a boost in employee capabilities, leading to rise in productivity and performance outcomes. Thus, with Green Human Resource Practices, there is straightaway twice the gain for a company i.e. better employee performance and fulfilling an important social responsibility.

We, at the JK Lakshmipat University, understand the rising importance of Green Human Resource ideas in the corporate world. We believe that environmental concerns are not a trend to be followed, rather a necessity to be incorporated. To that end, we have incorporated sustainable ideas as an important aspect of our curriculum of both our graduate and postgraduate management courses. The idea is not just to introduce the students to new environmentally safe practices but also to let them take the wisdom of the tried and tested concepts and modifying them to make them sustainable.

We, at JKLU, have very well identified that the significance of the introduction of green management practices also pertains to the career of our students. With the concept gaining popularity in the corporate world, one of the most common questions nowadays that students are often faced with in their job interviews relate to their ideas of application of environmental aspects in their work. With such questions, the recruiters wish to gauge the extent of a candidate’s ideas on environmental designs and concepts. Our program curriculum and teaching pedagogy, which keeps the students informed and updated about the Green HR Management practices, have proven to be of immense help for the students in handling such interview questions, and also, later on, when they take up the responsibility in an organization.

Tips and Tricks for Young Entrepreneurs

Wish to set up an entrepreneurial venture? The world welcomes those who know how to experiment and do not shy away from taking risks.

Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Social Media Platform Facebook, is a living example of what entrepreneurship can turn you into.  Head with ample preparation and you are likely to reap the benefits.

Below listed are some of the top and easy to follow tips and tricks that will help make you successful as an entrepreneur if adopted and followed in true earnest.

Be Passionate

Success comes with passion. Though you might fail in your endeavor in the initial stage but having the flame of passion ignited within you will surely take you ahead firmly on the path of success. If you are passionate towards your entrepreneurial venture, you will definitely achieve your goal. Put your heart into an entrepreneurship venture of which you have understanding and interest. Keep going with passion and you will always be a step ahead of your competitors.

Define Your Reach and Market

This is one of the most common advice which any professional will give you. Many entrepreneurs fail to adhere to this and thus fail miserably. If as a student, you have ventured into any kind of entrepreneurial path, the instinct would want you to take risks and experiment. However, being carried away by passion is one of the biggest folly that a person does here. You should ideally target your classmates in case you are a student entrepreneur rather than beating the bush throughout the town.

The Internet also plays a key role in making your entrepreneurial venture a success. If you use the same, it might feel that the world is in your reach and you can target a wide user base. However, this is a key mistake that most people make. The Internet is one big world in itself, and that is why it is important that for the success of your venture, you first of all, identify the user base you would want to target and then accordingly set realistic, achievable goals.

Set a Viable Price Point

Though it is very common for entrepreneurs to take risks in their venture in the early stages, it is not advisable to not set up a viable price point in the initial stage itself. If you fail to do so, clients will always take advantage of you and you are likely to lose precious time and money in fulfilling their objectives. Therefore, set up a viable price point right from the initial stage itself so that your venture does not end up in problem or loss.

Be Honest in Your Approach

This is an honest advice which applies equally to the entrepreneurs and the customers alike. Any venture will succeed only if true and earnest efforts have been made at every step of the way. Be honest in your stride and approach your partners and customers with an honest outlook.

Do Not Overuse Social Media

Always remember that social media is also an entrepreneurial venture which has been set up by an individual or a group of people. They have their own business interests and following the ideology propagated by them blindly, can cause damage to your venture. The ideal way of realizing the true benefits of social media is to take key takeaways from various social media channels which benefit your business. Never overuse any of social media channels, else your energy will always be focused on the ideas that they promote and you will end up losing focus from your own venture.

Do Not Forget the Benefits of PR

Public relations have its own key benefits when it comes to promotion of any business idea. Use media channels judiciously to promote your business ideas and use as many channels as possible for your business promotion. This can be in the form of use of print media, online promotions, and use of blogs, etc. for promoting the entrepreneurial venture.

A small effort to promote the idea initially can take you a long way in making the business sustainable. However, to make a viable career as an entrepreneur, it is important that you are well acquainted with the domain knowledge, strategies, concepts, and all the other essential elements that are necessary for success. This is what exactly our program in Entrepreneurship and Business Management at the JK Lakshmipat University is aimed at. The rigorous pedagogical approach of the program along with the learning outcomes focused on creating better professionals will in all likelihood take you to a firm path of success in your entrepreneurial venture.

Seek Guidance from Mentors

Those who wish to set up their own ventures should ideally seek support and guidance from mentors. These mentors could vary from parents to any colleagues who wish to see you doing a worthy job and raking in some profit at the same time. Always seek support from those who have set up their successful business in the past years. They are likely to help you better as they have loads of practical experience which will take you smoothly through the tough lanes of entrepreneurship and help you establish a firm foothold for the long run.

At the JK Lakshmipat University, we have a team of highly experienced and qualified faculty who not only offer guidance and mentorship at each and every step but also ensure that students are well-groomed and equipped with enough practical exposure and training so that they stay prepared for any pitfalls of entrepreneurship.

The career services team at the JK Lakshmipat University acts like a true mentor and ensures that every single student achieves success in life, whichever idea they choose to nurture in future. We respect the ambitions and aspirations of our students and are very certain that if provided with apt guidance and support, students can very well chase and accomplish their dreams. At JKLU, we do exactly the same, which can be clearly observed in the outstanding success of our students.

Grow into Business Problem Solvers with JKLU’s Pinnacle MBA Program

The corporate world is growing complicated by the day with the advent of more challenges and the development of advanced technologies. In such a scenario, it is important to bring out highly competent individuals who are skilled enough to emerge as champions in all the challenges they face at work. Creating such brilliant individuals is not an easy task to accomplish, and it needs some equally brilliant minds working together to create the efficient business administrators of tomorrow.

We, at the J.K. Lakshmipat University, have been acing the task of bringing out the best of the business managers and administrators every year with the help of our Pinnacle MBA Program. The Pinnacle MBA Program at JKLU has been given shape by some of the best minds in the business arena. The aim of the program is to encourage creative thinking and help the students to realize their full potential to make them the problem solvers that the businesses of today need. The programme is two years, full-time, a residential course where the focus is on the development of an entrepreneurial mindset that is based on academics and well-versed in the practical scenarios.

Here are the top pointers that make the Pinnacle MBA program at JKLU one of the best management programs today that help aspirants grow into efficient problem solvers in the future business world.

The Wholesome Curriculum

The curriculum is the real winner when it comes to the JKLU’s MBA program. The pinnacle program is the perfect amalgamation of personal development, management studies, and liberal arts. The idea is to make the students well-versed in all the arenas of business administrations. Both academic and practical know-how imparted to the students make them ready to emerge as troubleshooters for any organization that they enter into in the future. We believe that business management is one of those branches of educational training that covers a wide area of expertise and having just a single track of knowledge will never suffice. Our advanced course includes automation, data sciences, Artificial Intelligence, and much more.

The Experienced Faculty

After the curriculum, the focus must come over to the people who give the curriculum the top-notch quality it has. The mentors and faculty are some of the most renowned names in the business. They have been in the teaching profession and in the actual business world for years to know all about the real world scenario. Their valuable inputs have made the curriculum one of the best that one can hope for. They are the ones who have faced the actual problems and emerged victoriously. The assignments and situations that they offer the students are all meant to make sure that they are prepared to meet the tests and trials when they turn into professionals. There is personal mentorship provided to each and every student to see to it that there is no hindrance to their complete development.

The Freedom to Experiment and Explore

The earlier methods and ways of running the businesses are increasingly becoming redundant. The better the methods and processes that you can come up with, the more are your chances of survival in this highly competitive business world. We encourage creative thinking and experiments in our students. They are given the opportunity to work on live and capstone projects which can hone their managerial skills even further. Projects based learning is the way forward when it comes to professional courses like MBA. The more adept you are with the real world situations, the more beneficial it is for you. Let us look at it this way – when Plan A is something that everyone has tried and is becoming redundant as time passes, the value of an employee rises when he/she can be the one to come up with a well thought out Plan B.

Inculcating Leadership Skills

The part and parcel of having problem-solving skills is the presence of leadership qualities. The leaders are the ones that the company relies upon and the other employees look up to. To be that person in the company, your training must begin early on. We provide a number of self-assessment technologies and tools to the students to make them discover the leader within themselves. Our mentors at JKLU believe that an individual must learn to lead himself/herself first, before being a leader to the others. Our projects, debates, presentations, and courses are all aimed at inculcating this essential skill among the students.

The success of our program can be well understood by the rate of placement of our students ever since the initiation of the course. It is not just about the rate of placement but also the fact that the top-rated national and multinational companies are the current employers of our alumni. The skills and knowledge that we impart to these future professionals serve to be like a guiding light in their work life. We take pride in bringing out some of the best MBA graduates every year who are capable enough to provide a further boost to the trade and commerce of the country.

Prepare Well and Get Set Going for the Placement Season

All the years of learning and picking up of skills finally find fulfillment when you land your dream job at a good company. The placement is one of anxiety and worry for every final year student. With so many good companies looking to hire and even more number of quality graduates looking to get the job, the process is bound to get tougher every year. The companies look to hire the best and to be the best of the rest you need to come up with an action plan as early as possible.

We, at the J.K. Lakshmipat University, believe that the more prepared you are, the better are your chances of bagging the job. As such, these preparations cannot be and should not be left to the last minute. Students at JKLU are hence prepared and groomed for the placement, right from the very first day of the semester. We incorporate the best tips and tricks regarding interviews, aptitude tests, and more within the folds of our syllabus so that the students can get prepared for the placement rounds along with acquiring knowledge about their subjects.

To provide you a good idea of how to get through the placement drives, we have drafted here a six-step process on how to proceed for the placement season.

  1. Start with self-evaluation: Self-evaluation means that you need to carry out a SWOT test on yourself. Take some time out and try to identify your accomplishments and strengths. Take a good look at your interests and hobbies and think about the kind of job that you want to do. Ask yourself about those weaknesses of yours that are stopping you from achieving the job you want to grab and start working on those weaknesses as soon as possible. Consider both short and long-term career goals. The short-term goals will get your feet in the door, while the long-term goals will come into play after you get a new career.
  2. Build a remarkable resume: The following are the top things that a recruiter will notice on your resume:
  • Qualifications and scores
  • Projects, internships, and certifications
  • Extracurricular activities

You can look up on the internet on how to create the perfect looking resume. The presentation of your resume is also important as the recruiters judge you on that as well. Make sure that your resume is clear, clean, and precise. You can use different resumes for different job positions and companies. Take into account the feedback of the faculty and mentors at JKLU and update your resume where the need arises.

  1. Brush up the aptitude test skills- The one hurdle is obviously the biggest one. If you happen to fail the aptitude test, you can bid adieu to that coveted offer letter. The questions for the aptitude test revolve around your analytical skills, logical reasoning powers, data interpretation, subjective knowledge, and written communication. You need to get your hands on enough of mock questions to get a first-hand experience of what to expect. Aptitude tests require you to prepare for at least three weeks in advance. Knowing about the companies that are coming to recruit is also essential for the aptitude test preparations.
  2. Gear up for the Group Discussions- The skills that are tested in the GD round includes initiating capability, ideas and depth of knowledge, verbal communication, exchange of thoughts and expressiveness, listening capabilities, and coordination and leadership skills. Group discussions are generally tricky as you need to walk the fine line between being too meek and too aggressive. Make your own GD practice group with classmates and try practicing every day with them. The newspapers and magazines are your biggest help to gather information on the probable GD topics.
  3. Prepare for the personal interviews- Create, collect, and download a probable list of interview questions. Try to think of answers to the common interview questions like your career goals, motivations, career interests, skills, strengths, and more alike. The technical round of interviews tests the depth of your knowledge on a subject. You need to focus more on the basics of your subject as that is where the majority of the questions come from. Get someone experienced to review your answers.
  4. Research about the industries and companies- This is one of the final steps that you need to be very sure about while preparing for placements. Surf the internet and find out the things like company’s history, main products or services, and any other major news story released in the past three or four months. Make sure that the job description has been understood well by you. If you face any difficulty in the matter, we suggest you to take the help of the professors and mentors. They will explain in detail about the things that are required as a part and parcel of the particular job.

We are proud of the fact that every year our students come out with flying colors when it comes to the placements. A majority of our ex-students are present employees in top national and multinational companies. We believe that this has been made possible due to the hard work and dedication of the students and the grooming and training provided by the placement cell at JKLU.

Our mentors are never reluctant when it comes to helping the students with their various placement queries. We, in fact, take special care to help our students get prepared for the round of personal interview. Being the stepping stone to their careers, we are never hesitant when it comes to extending all possible aid to our students to make them prepared for the placements. After all, the success of a student in getting a good job is ultimately the success of the institution.

Prepare to Join the League of 21st Century Management Professionals

In the 21st century, the rapidly occurring changes and advancements have redefined the nature of careers paths in almost all domains. The legacy model is now coming to an ebb. Concepts like a single job for a lifetime, a static graduate programme, steady climbing of the career ladder, sound more like yesterday’s realities. Job seekers today are in search of dynamic roles that allow them to soar and do not limit their growth to a single field.

To that end, we, at the J.K. Lakshmipat University (JKLU) offer a unique blend of a rich culture of proactiveness, committed environment, and trending technology with the objective of enabling the students to become self-reliant, aware of the changing world of work, and to have a focused personal development. We strive to make them efficient enough so that they are capable of managing the work they are assigned with and can grow well throughout all the stages of life. We achieve the same through our innovative methodologies and with the help of dedicated, focused, and experienced faculty members.

At JKLU, the main focus is to make sure that the students graduating from the institution are well versed with the expected situations in the professional world and possess confidence as well as thorough knowledge on possible solutions to each obstacle.

We, at the J.K. Lakshmipat University, aim not only at just providing the students with an edge in this fast-paced and globalized job market, but rather focus on developing them into extraordinarily well-prepared professionals and industry leaders who can thrive in any business environment and corporate structure, anywhere in the world. Our program combines a deep and diverse skill-set with immersive learning experiences and constant opportunities for career development. At JKLU, one has the option of pursuing their MBA in one of following seven fields:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource
  • Operations Management
  • International Business
  • Information Technology
  • Digital Marketing & Analytics

We also offer below specializations in collaboration with several partners:

  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management – In this specialization, which is jointly offered by CII-IL and JKLU, 8 subjects from Logistics & Supply Chain will be offered to the students during their 2nd year to enable them to learn as well as develop innovative solutions to supply chain practices.
  • Financial Analytics – This specialization is offered in association with Moody’s Analytics. It is particularly suited for those seeking careers in the areas where information technologies and data play a key role. It offers advanced and practical knowledge of tools such as Excel-VBA, financial modeling, and dashboard creation and provides an insight into areas such as Banking, Finance, and

You may now ask what makes us, the J.K. Lakshmipat University, different among all the other management institutions in the country and how do we successfully contribute to the league of 21st century management professionals every single year. Listed below are few of the highlights that make us clearly stand apart:

  • Expert faculty: JKLU has over the years attracted and continues to attract eminent scholars, academicians, practicing managers and administrators as adjunct faculty. JKLU has, therefore, acquired considerable flexibility in offering a wide choice of elective courses.
  • Personal leadership: Personal leadership is the key to becoming a leader at work. Personal leadership can be defined as taking responsibility for all aspects of your life and leading it in the direction that is best for you. In order to be successful in leading at work, having strong personal leadership skills is critical. When you are able to take responsibility for decisions you are making in all areas of your life and you are making those decisions in your own best interest, you are better able to have a positive and inspiring impact on others. You are also able to be a role model for others in the leadership arena.

We, at JKLU, aim to instill the three major factors that impact strong personal leadership skills in all our students:

- The Mindset: It is defined as, “A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.”

- The energy: How are you managing your energy? Are you taking time to renew yourself and do things to nurture yourself? This all supports you in being able to make the choices that will lead you in directions that are best for you.

- The final and important area of personal leadership is about your support systems. Having strong personal leadership skills means you have a network of people to support you through making choices that are in your best interest.

  • Focused Mentor-ship: JKLU offers the benefit of committed mentor-ship from senior practitioners from the industry as they guide, counsel, and provide direction on improvements and career plans as per each student’s aspiration and hidden potential.
  • Experimental projects: In your two-year program at the J.K. Lakshmipat University, you’ll take on major experiential projects, which will provide you a fantastic opportunity to use the theories and knowledge you’ve gained to produce a challenging piece of work with real impact. This can involve addressing real-world challenges in the workplace or conducting independent research, and gaining invaluable experience from the same.

Being a part of the fast-paced and technology-oriented 21st century means being constantly on your toes when it comes to pursuing education and defining your career path. The faculty and administration at the J.K. Lakshmipat University ensure that the students are given nothing but the best in terms of education, knowledge, guidance, and mentorship, helping them carve as well as lead a successful professional life.

MBA at JKLU – It’s More than Just a Degree!

One of the many professional degrees that have stood the test of time, in the matter of applicability, is the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. The program has as much of relevance now as it had some ten years back. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that in a growing economy like India, the course has a definite need to further the country’s business prospects. With so many new companies and ventures opening up in the nation, there is indeed a rising requirement for trained professionals in the domain. Besides, the present economy is the time of start-ups, and it goes without saying that for starting any business on your own, the knowledge and acumen provided by the degree come as a huge advantage.

Going Beyond the Academics

The MBA program at the J.K. Lakshmipat University has been made keeping all the critical and essential factors in mind, and this is what makes us highly committed towards bringing out the most talented batch of the budding businesspersons every year. What makes our course unique is that we focus on not just the academics but the overall development of expertise of each student. We believe that the academics can fetch you good marks and a degree but for the tough world of business out there, you need more than just a degree in your hand.

A Carefully Constructed Program

Our MBA program wins over others in the way it has been crafted with care by the top experts in the industry. We have brought professionals from management studies, industry insiders, and businessperson to curate our MBA program. With their years of experience, they have ensured that the courses are the perfect amalgamation of academics and experimentation. The program has been designed in such a manner that it inspires the students to not just mug up the theories but to explore the knowledge to the best of their abilities.

Opportunity to Learn from the Experts

Our faculty has an experience of years when it comes to training and preparing students. Apart from the highly qualified permanent faculty, we also invite some of the most revered professors as visiting lecturers to the university to ensure that students get that extra bit of support in their learning. The mentors believe in showing the apt pathway to the students in order to not just make them proficient in all arenas of business but also to help grow their personality. For an entrant in the world of business, a lot of the day today jobs entail problem solving and handling the tough challenges with ease. For being top notch at the job, students need to necessarily have the determination and mindset of an entrepreneur. Getting the students ready for all of that is not done in a day. It is the aim of the mentors to gradually inculcate that into the minds of the students through the progression of the course.

Imbibing the Knowledge Hands-On

The MBA Pinnacle program at JKLU spans over the time of two years during which the students are not only showered with high impact academic learning but are also empowered with the approach of learning hands-on. We believe that the real world know-how is important for the students to find a solid foothold when they enter into the actual world of trade and business. We hence regularly organize seminars and workshops for the benefit of our students with the participation of some of the well-respected professionals currently working in the field. Our belief is that when the students freely interact with such stalwarts, their insights develop and the horizons broaden. This is very significant as after just a span of two years they are going to step into the world of jobs where this knowledge and exposure will serve as an important foundation that they can rely upon.

Multidisciplinary Approach

The fact of the matter is that when a student trained with an MBA degree enters the job market, he/she is expected to handle a lot of responsibilities, and no wonder these responsibilities sometimes even go beyond his/her exact area of expertise. As already mentioned earlier, management is more of a practical-based field and there is no way you can draw boundaries on the responsibility of a business professional. Keeping that in mind, we provide the students with the flexibility to gain knowledge from other courses too, like Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and others.

We take pride in having as many as 53 world-class laboratories, spanning all disciplines, in our premises where the management students can also get to work under the guidance of our eminent mentors.

We believe that the fire to learn and be the best of the rest is something that must come from within each student. Our job, as one of the most reputed management universities in the country, is to stroke that fire to ensure that our students shine the brightest. The evidence of success lies in the fact that the successful pass-outs from our university are all presently employed in some of the highly sought-after national and international companies worldwide. We can proudly say that a degree in management from the J.K. Lakshmipat University is not just another degree – it is indeed the stepping stone to an upbeat career.

Top Expected Interview Questions for B-School Students

In the current times, a career in management is one among the most highly sought after ones and that is primarily owing to the potentially lucrative jobs available in the domain. When it comes to taking on management positions, success is largely contingent on one’s skills and performance. To be successful, it is inevitable that you put in enough effort and hard work by getting past exams and interviews successfully. It hence becomes important for today’s b-school students to have a clear idea about how they should prepare for the interview and how they should ideally respond to gain the attention of the interviewer.

No doubt, an interview can make or break your chances of getting a job in your desired company. So, it is quite advisable that you are well-prepared to face the challenge and come out successfully.

Generally, interviewers look for specific skills and knowledge related to the concerned position from the interviewee and so, it would be better if you do your research regarding the particular position ahead of time and make yourself well-prepared for the same.

Commonly, interviewers split their questions into personal, academic, aptitude, and experience-based ones so that they can evaluate a candidate depending on their capability in each arena. While the personal questions allow interviewers to understand the private life and personality of the graduate, the academic and aptitude questions help them understand the proficiency of the candidates regarding their theoretical and practical knowledge and expertise. Competency and experience related questions help interviewers identify the ability and capability of the student with respect to the particular field. Only when you have satisfactorily answered all the questions from each of these different categories, you will be considered a potential candidate for the position.

Here we have curated a list of the most commonly asked interview questions that are put up to management students during the placement interviews:

Personal Questions:

When it comes to an interview, the interviewers often start with personal questions, as it is the most important part that allows them to identify and evaluate the personal capabilities and competency of the individual. Answering these personal questions gives you the scope to stand distinct from other interviewees. So be precise and clear in your answers and let the interviewer evaluate you as a better candidate for the position.

Some of the common personal questions are:

  • Tell me about yourself

Talk briefly about your education, work experience, if any, the reason for choosing this field, your accomplishment in it, and finally your career goals.

  • Why should we appoint you?

Tell about your academic proficiency and professional accomplishments in the field and how you stand as an ideal fit for the position. Also, discuss how this role in the company will help you reach your career goals.

  • Do you think you can lead a team?

Talk about your accomplishments in your college, school, or anywhere else as a leader. Do have some leadership examples prepared beforehand both from your previous personal experience and also from your college life.

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This is an important and one of the most commonly asked questions. You have to address both your strengths and weaknesses. Addressing your strengths can be fairly easy but remember to choose the ones that you feel would set you apart from the rest of the candidates.  As for the weaknesses, mention your shortcomings along with how you utilize them to the advantage. For instance, you can state how your impatience can be your motivation to get things done fast.

Questions on Academics:

Academic questions are a series of questions that will help interviewers gauge your clarity on the academic concepts and ascertain your educational foundation. Get ahead with your undergraduate/postgraduate syllabus and be prepared for any question. Remember, if you fail to answer these questions, it could impact your interview result negatively. Some of the typical questions asked in this section are:

  • What is your management style?
  • Give some proof of your technical competence.
  • What strategies would you use to motivate your team?

Questions Related to Previous Work Experience:

For those MBA candidates having at least some work experience in their portfolio, there are some possible questions to be put forth.

  • What was your role in your previous company?
  • Give an overview of the industry you have worked in
  • What was it that was the most and the least rewarding about your last position?
  • What was your biggest accomplishment and failure in this position?
  • Describe a project you successfully managed end-to-end. What major challenges and problems you faced? How did you handle them?

Questions to Analyze Your Capability/Competence:

Even if you are not having any previous job experience, you might be encountered with similar questions from a different perspective.

  • What applicable attributes and experience do you have?
  • What are your goals for the next five years? Ten years?
  • What are you looking for in your first job? What is important to you?
  • Can you successfully deal with underperforming employees? If yes, how?
  • What traits does a good manager need to succeed?

Questions like these can help recruiters analyze and evaluate a candidate’s personality, management capacity, and decision-making ability. It is important for students to have good answers prepared beforehand, and more importantly, should be ready with an answer for a ‘why’ when asked. Always give a convincing and logical statement/argument for your decisions and this will help you stay distinct from others.

In short, students have to be well-prepared and equipped with knowledge, confidence, the right attitude, as well as aptitude, to face the job interviews. For this, we, at the J.K. Lakshmipat University, offer lots of opportunities to our students by means of mockup interviews, personality development programs, group discussions, and other skills development trainings that help them stand out among the crowd.

With apt and interactive academic learning environment, J.K. Lakshmipat University delivers all the essentials to make students get an edge over the competitors. We equip our students with all the needed skills and abilities that enable them to exhibit their true potential, and most importantly, make them ready to successfully face their job interviews with confidence and come out as winners in the true sense.

JKLU – Making Students Life Ready

Education is the most crucial wheel of life. It starts spinning when an individual takes birth and only stops spinning when the individual has breathed their last. Thus one can say that the education and knowledge is a lifelong process which goes on and on and there is no hard limit to the amount of education one can gather throughout their lifetime. We at J.K. Lakshmipat University aim to fulfill that lifelong thirst for knowledge of our students by not only preparing them for life ahead but by also imparting the practical sense of knowledge and making them ready to tread the uneasy and winding path ahead.

The courses offered by us here at J.K. Lakshmipat University is imparted by world-class faculty and recognized by international standards. The education and knowledge given through these courses can be of vital importance for the student for their career life ahead hence the faculty takes special care of the students.

Management skills

The management course offered by us at J.K. Lakshmipat University follows the international syllabus for management. The aim of the management course is to enhance the managing skills of the students and even currently working professionals who are currently employed. The students are trained in such a way so that they become more confident in their approach and can improve their managerial skills so that they can substantial gains at their workplace. But at the same time, the aim of the course is to make the managers transform themselves into better future leaders. These effective managers can also be a shining example for all the current batch of students and a good employee at their workplace.

Decision Making

 Another aim of the management course offered at J.K. Lakshmipat University by us is to train the students in the vital field of decision making. As a manager of any organization, one would be required to commit to certain decisions which can be very important or very trivial to the workings and the flow of the business. Thus the aim of the course is also to impart the importance of decision making and train the students in such a practical manner along with the use of case studies which can help the students realize the depth and the extent of that particular decision on the workings of the company.

Problem Solving

Another key skill managers need to have in their ever-expanding list of skills is the analytical part and solution of problems. Too often than not personnel working as manager work way too hard to solve a problem at hand. They exert too much effort in their mind trying to outrun the problem rather than solving them head-on. This makes the problem only appear bigger later on. The best way to deal with the problem which will also be taught at our institution is to deal with the problem in a calm and composed manner. After giving a deep thought about the problem, one can look at the issue from different angles and can come to a viable solution.

Stress Management

The management course offered by our faculty at J.K. Lakshmipat University also consists of stress management as its part. Since managers have the responsibly of the entire organization and its working on their shoulder, naturally they suffer from too much stress which can make it quite difficult for them to work for long hours over time as their efficiency decreases over time dues to the excessive stress because of the nature of the job.

 Due to excessive stress in their workplace, the manager working over there can become anxious and become host to various forms of negative emotions making it quite difficult to work efficiently. At our university, the students would be imparted education and knowledge regarding the management of stress and how to keep it under control. Ineffective management of pressure can lead to disruption of the usual business workings. As no organization can afford to have managers or employees who can succumb to stress and its associated negative feelings easily.

Goal Setting

It is a known fact that no organization can survive in the long run if they have not set a goal for their team. Goals are vital to companies and especially to managers. The setup of goals gives something which the mangers and the employees continuously strive towards. But it is also essential for the managers to set up an attainable target which can be reached. We at J.K. Lakshmipat University know how important a goal is for any organization. Hence we conduct special classes which train the upcoming managers regarding the job of setting up of goals and makes sure that the students get a good knowledge of goal setting and how to achieve the desired target.  At the same time, students are also taught the importance of motivation and how important it is to achieve their goal. Thus motivation and goal setting go hand in hand.