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JK Lakshmipat University – Creating Leaders Ever Since

The years spent at a college campus are the most fulfilling years that transform students into successful professionals, leaders, and achievers. Overcoming the biggest challenges of our time and standing out in a professional career space demands more than just academic knowledge; it takes creativity, attitude, prompt decision-making, excellent communication skills, and yes, of course, perseverance.

But how do budding graduates gain all the crucial skills and abilities that make them turn into achievers of tomorrow? The point is they need to find the right platform/interface that fulfills their insatiable need for development ahead of changes into greater heights. A well-established educational institution can become a cornerstone of success in such a scenario, shaping the future of every student across various disciplines. This is where the academics fuses with the intellectual ability and crucial life skills to incubate the creativity and ingenuity in students.

The professionals of tomorrow need to be more than just experts in their respective fields; they must be great achievers and leaders. With this in mind, the JK Organization, one of the leading Indian Industrial Conglomerates, has promoted the JK Lakshmipat University, following the exemplary growth of the group in diversified fields over the years. JK Lakshmipat University is dedicated to providing academic, career-oriented education to empower the leaders of this generation. JK Lakshmipat University aims to take education beyond the confinement of a classroom,so as to prepare and empower the students to emerge into thoughtful future leaders to succeed in the ever-changing corporate world.

Affiliated by UGC, the JK Lakshmipat University has beenestablished in the beautiful pink city of Rajasthan i.e. Jaipur, in the year 2011,as a multidisciplinary university primarily offering career driven engineering and management programs. The university strives to provide quality education in diverse fields to ensure that the potential Indian youth are given the opportunity to hone their skills and abilities and gain field knowledge to acquire a global mindset for the competitive market.

Some of the notable features of JKLU that have helped pave the way to deliver the students with an exceptional learning environment facilitating their transformation into leaders are:

Powerful Learning Pedagogy:

With cutting-edge curriculum and teaching methodologies, JK Lakshmipat University has been matching the global standards to add weightage to the future employability of its students. The holistic learning pedagogy at JK Lakshmipat University develops youngsters into leaders of tomorrow by instilling in them relevant, future-ready,and actionable intelligence. Our highly experienced faculty are leading professionals in their field of study, contributing to the all-round development of students. The learning environment provides the right interface for students to turn knowledge into wisdom, and information into workable ideas.

State-of-the-Art Campus Infrastructure:

JK Lakshmipat University has an excellent campus infrastructure with advanced Laboratories, world-class Library, large Amphitheatre type classrooms, spacious hostel facilities, state-of-the-art IT Infrastructure with round-the-clock Internet connectivity, hygienic Cafeteria, Gym, Transportation facilities, ATM, Medical center, etc. The campus also holds extensive facilities for sports, recreation, student activities, team building and soft skills development.

Active Placement Cell:

The JK Lakshmipat University is focused on creating industry ready professionals with potential abilities/skills that stand out as an asset to the organizations they join. JK Lakshmipat University’s Placement Cell plays a significant role in continuously preparing students with industry-oriented skill sets. Organizing industrial visits, workshops, and internship programs facilitate a holistic development of students and help them become accomplished individuals with the right employability skills to pursue a successful career.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities:

By nurturing entrepreneurial competencies, JK Lakshmipat University inspires young minds to bring their innovative and creative ideas into reality. The Centre of Innovation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) at JK Lakshmipat University organizes various entrepreneurial skill development activities such as Workshops, Seminars, and Colloquiums to give students hands-on experience in their respective fields. As a part of our unique initiative, we have set up campus companies such as “Act for Future”, “StylX”, and “Sizot”, encouraging students to implement innovative and productive ideas.

Collaboration and Alliances:

In the course of years, JK Lakshmipat University has established alliances with reputed universities in the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific regions to facilitate the exchange of data, documentation, and research, as well as for cooperation in educational programs, joint research, symposia, and foreign visits.

Also, JK Lakshmipat University has been collaborating with other Industries and Academic Bodies to boost the professional development of students and provide them an added advantage to enter a specific field of knowledge. Few of the academic collaborations include Microsoft IT Academy, Cisco Network Academy, Bentley Network Community, Oracle Academy, IBM Research Lab, ISRO Recognized Research Centre, Red Hat Academy, Solar Energy Society of India (SESI), Indian Society of Geomatics (ISG), Confederation of Indian Industry-Institute of Logistics (CII-IL), and Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia, among others.

With the recent development surge, higher qualification with specialization from a reputed institution is gaining more and more significance in the competitive job market of today. Being an arm of JK Group, JK Lakshmipat University admittedly brings the standard and respect of the organization into the education fraternity. Students pursuing their degree at JK Lakshmipat University gain a corporate-backed education coupled with international alliances to brighten up their career.

Moreover, we, at the JK Lakshmipat University, very wellunderstand the crucial role that higher education and the educational institutionsplay in the development of the nation; and hence besides focusing on academic excellence, we always also strive to develop intellectual ability in the younger generation.

We believe a leader is the one who holds a sense of responsibility, ethics, and respect for human values. Our methodology of preparing the students for the outer corporate world is not only knowledge-based but also include instilling of values and ethics. Our students, hence, not only reach out to achieving academic merits, but also walk out as responsible citizens, aware of their duties towards the national development. And this is the key, why JKLU has been successfully creating prodigious leaders and achievers ever since its inception.

Significance of a good Placement and Incubation Cell

Days at college get tougher as students head towards the final year of their Higher Education degree programs. It is high time students take the crucial decision about their career and professional life ahead. This is the time when every student wishes to step out of the ruts and start making a robust corporate growth path. But do all students find success in embarking on well-paid potential jobs? Not really! The job market out there is full of challenges and students need to be coached in all aspects to compete in the real corporate world and find a foothold into it. This is where the campus placements matter the most.

The key role that the educational institution plays in placements is to prepare and guide the students well through the process of placements by providing them the needed training for getting placed in high-end companies. They provide the platform to the students to showcase their skills and abilities to the prospective employers by inviting them for placement drives. To make the entire process smooth and efficient, reputed institutions generally establish a dedicated training and placement cell that facilitates and counsels placement related activities for the benefit of students, as well as the companies.

Why is a Placement Cell So Important?

While there are so many opportunities lying across the country, ranging from big corporate and MNCs to industrial establishments and core manufacturing companies, the job-hunting process is manifold. However, in reality, there is a stringent competition in the job market to match the talent availability with the job profile. This is where placement cell bridges the gap, easing the procedure of recruitment to be simpler for companies and at the same time beneficial for the students. With the proper placement and training, students learn how to put forth their knowledge and abilities in the right way to fetch the best of jobs. Yet, it takes the right qualifications and effort to put in beforehand and afterward to sustain and grow in the career space.

The primary objective of the college placement cell is to place all eligible students in reputed companies, right at the campus itself. Placement cells help identify the knowledge, skills and attitude matrices of the students coming from all walks of lives and create job profiles for each of them to get them placed in relevant profiles with reputed companies. These placement cells recognize the areas of training and methods with respect to the requirements of the industry and thus formulate a sequence of training activities to meet the requirements for campus placement.

Improved Skills and Knowledge: College placement serves as an outstanding platform for the students to gain specific skills related to their subject of choice or domain to stay ahead of the competition by providing them with live projects, internships which provides adequate corporate exposure. Moreover increase in their knowledge about the industry allows them to improve their employability skills in all aspects of the sector and make informed decisions about their future career choices, in short get job ready .

Gain Awareness and Experience: College placements are an excellent opportunity for the students to become aware of the industry and the real-life workspace. They get to know about preparing and presenting CVs, attending interviews, interacting in group discussions, etc. This kind of experience is indeed beneficial in building their personality and will certainly serve useful when facing competency-based job applications or interviews in future.

Enhanced Employment Prospects: Campus placements provide the students with a foot in the door opportunity, enabling them to start off their career right after they have completed their course curriculum. Furthermore, they get to interact and engage with the industry professionals during the placement drives, which further help lay a foundation for their prospective career in the future as they familiarize with potential contacts from their chosen career field.

Besides the above, the main reason why college placements are becoming the major criteria for the students for choosing an educational institution is that they ease barriers to employment for graduates, apart from holding considerable value for students, in terms of personal and professional development. Moreover, college placements not only act as a platform to enhance your employability skills but also serve to better your academic performance and practical knowledge through intensive training and workshops.

Since, compared to the outside world, the competition remains confined in campus placements, your probability of getting placed goes relatively higher. All of these things collectively bring in a range of benefits and positive impacts for students.

Remember, your first job matters a lot and it should be a prudent step towards building a career. College placements are indeed a not-so-tedious path to establish a career compared to the tough and frustrating job-seeking process in the open job market scenario that is mostly conducted by inviting random walk-ins. Thus more often than not, college placements give a good head start for students in their pursuit of the career.

Innovation and Incubation cell breeds young entrepreneurs: Professionals are expected to not only seek opportunities that lands up a job but a rare mind that has a unique and innovative power to harness entrepreneurial skills often finds their safe haven amidst a strongly functional Incubation cell .Business ideas often die untimely death due to non-availability of investors so the initial seed capital funding from their own institution provides lot of confidence and self-belief to take the leap of faith. Once the initial challenge of sustainability is fended off you are more likely to succeed in producing a solid ground for business to grow and establish a well-rounded organization .

Private Industry backed up Institutions holds a definite edge: When students opt for the right educational institution, they can start off their career right from the campus, which otherwise turns out to be rough path if you happen to choose a wrong institute for this crucial phase of your education. Private colleges and universities spent a lot of resources to develop an efficient placement and training cell. The one’s that are powered by corporate gets the leverage of their existing brand presence in the industry to attract comparatively better quality of recruiters to the campus. JK Organization based JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU) in Jaipur is one such reputed institution offering top management and engineering courses in all major disciplines.

JKLU provides a holistic learning experience through a range of expert lectures, industrial visits, workshops, and internship programs as well as industry oriented sector specific courses in collaboration with national and international organization’s of excellence i.e. CII-IL, Moody’s Analytics, Google, IBM etc. that have been specifically sculpted to help the students pursue their career goals. The placement and training cell at JKLU focuses on preparing the students into Industry ready professionals, by giving them the right perspective and ample of opportunities for a successful career.

JKLU holds a strong alliance with the industry because of its parent body JK Organization’s 125 years of existence that span’s over 100 countries and has a net worth of over 4 billion U.S.D.Thus the corporate network and linkage aids to bring fresh talents to the industry that goes for the mutual benefit of the students and the employers. Their innovation cell has already nurtured 4 start-ups so just as most reputed institutions over the world JKLU is concentrating in not only producing job seekers but job makers too.